Real talk: Just because you don’t know your way around, does NOT mean you are lost.

So, I admit it, was ready to kick my laptop across the room. For the life of me, I could not remember new terms, process the old terms I thought I knew, get my brain/fingers to get some act right.

FINALLY, a gracious, patient peer walked me through things I ALREADY knew. Only, I am so new, I don’t know what I already know. Know what I mean?

It is soooooooooooooooo easy, to get down on ourselves, for not KNOWING fast enough. It takes time. To, learn. To, grow. It takes, time, for seeds to take hold, to take ROOT, to get GROUNDED.

ALL we are required to do is to, try, work as best we can, and ALLOW the growth to take place.

I am learning to:

Laugh, at my mistakes.

Embrace, the icky ‘I have no idea’ feelings.

Be patient, with me.

God and Life will ALWAYS make sure we have people/things, in place, to help us as we grow. We growin’ peeps!

Cut yourself some slack, already!

Til you get there, throw yourself a Dance Party, cut up with God and Life, rejoice in the fact you are LIVING, NOT SURVIVING!!


*Cassandra cuts a rug*…..*Cassandra getting down so she has caused God, Life, Yikes!, Egads! and The Host to come down and join her Dance Parta!!!!*


*Jesus tosses His Crown on The Throne, whisks Jaybird in His Arms and does an intricate twirl*

Dance Parta, yall!!!

We got this!!

Never, ever, ever, ever, don’t you dare EVER give up on you! Too much wonderful, in you, for that.

Tell pity, to kick rocks. Tell frustration ‘I laugh at thee!’ and keep it moving.

dancing with and for you,


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