Don’t let your circumstances sweat you.

Standing today, has been beyond hard. Has been near impossible, or so it seems.

Nevertheless, I have gotten so used to standing, no matter what, no matter why, and no matter who, that I find myself standing: AUTOMATICALLY.

Standing, when it’s hard, when it’s easy, no matter what, and doing so, EVERY day, will build muscles you have no idea you had.

I have not been well. In fact, a time or two, have actually wondered if I would be meeting mom sooner rather than later. NO joke. I can admit the fever, that has decided to come visit,…whew. I mean, whew, literally.

Have always appreciated the phrase ‘fatigue makes cowards of us all’. I can identify with this, today. This fever, I admit, for one half second, I WANTED to throw just a tiny, itsy bitsy, wee, kinda sorta pity party.

However, my spirit just would not go there. Too used to standing, I imagine. I scraped my way out of bed, drank my water, played my music in the background, worked best I could, and stood.

Even though I felt awful, all day, I rejoiced, ALL day. Rejoiced My Father, was with me, fever and all. Life, was with me, fever and all. Yikes! and Egads! took the day off and basically said ‘good luck with that’ when they took one look at my feverish face.

I rejoiced, as I am LIVING, not surviving.

I no longer, focus on how long things will take. I am no longer bothered by who will, or who won’t, or who can’t, or who didn’t.

All that matters, to me, now, ALL that matters, is letting people know, letting YOU know, that your life matters to me. I pray for you, every day. EVERY DAY. If your eyes read these words, they were written, for YOU.

Keep going, beloved. Keep going.

Life may be hard, right now. You may be alone, right now. Work may be tough, right now. You may not have a job, right now.

Whatever your, right now, may be, right now, KNOW these things:

God SEES you. God LOVES you. God CARES DEEPLY for your life.

Your life, matters to me.

YOU, matter.

Your thoughts, matter.

Your heart, matters.

Your broken pieces, matter.

Your hopes, matter.

Your dreams, matter.

You are NOT your broken pieces.


You are all of these things, and so very much more.

Keep going, beloved. Think on THESE things. Think not on what you don’t yet have, what you may never have, and on and on. You have NO idea what God and Life has in store for you.

If you hear nothing else, HEAR ME:

You do NOT have to earn love. It is freely given to you. ALL you need do, beloved, is to RECEIVE it. ALLOW love in. Yes, it can be terrifying. Not knowing if love will return to you. It will. I promise, it will.

Love YOU, first. Allow others, in. Don’t you think it time? Life is so short.

Be encouraged. Be encouraged. We got this. I got you. God and Life has us all.

His and yours,


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