Real talk: Keep going. You CAN. You WILL.

Real talk: It is IMPERATIVE to continue to stand, AFTER a particularly hard fight, a stressful situation, when one is not feeling the greatest.

I can admit to ALL of those in the past 10 days. I can also admit that standing, today, was truly difficult. I just don’t feel well. Have not felt well for some time. Chronic things have been kicking my hind end.

I did not, want to get up, for work. I did not, want to fight with learning my new job. I did not, want to let anyone know I was truly struggling, today. I did not, want to put on my music. I did so, and it just didn’t soothe me or get me going. I turned it off….smh….



I know! I know! Big mistakes.

I got up. Got the day started. Got to working. Fought myself, ALL afternoon. Fought, until I began to lean on my strong foundation of:

God’s Word.


God’s Deep and Abiding Love, for me.

Before then, ALL I could stand on, focus on, rather, was how very tired I felt, how AWFUL I felt. Turned on my music, which helped me refocus on work and standing, correctly.

Before I knew it, I was bebopping, rocking my job, and kicking it with Yikes!, Egads!, God and Life. They were all just waiting on ME. I was waiting for a rescuer….smh.

It’s okay to not feel well. It’s okay to be tired. NOT okay to not rely on our foundation. It is when we really don’t want to stand, that we MUST. We will make poor choices, in these moments, if we rely on ourselves.

If you don’t yet have The Father, as Your Protector, well, just lean on folks who care for you. Let someone know you are tired. Let Life know to give you a break, already. Call out to God and ask Him ‘what’s up with all this God stuff, anyway?’. He will hear you. He will answer. He will come and chop it up with you.

In the meantime, keep going. You got this. I got this. God has us all.

Don’t forget to:

Read something positive.

Watch something positive.

Listen to something positive.

Handling business with you,


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