Already there.

I was just laying down, in my bed, alone.

My heart is so full. So full.

No, I am not writing from my home on the ocean.

No,I do not yet have a mate to spend my life with.

No, I have not yet mastered my new job. It is hard. It has made me cry. It has made me want to quit. It has made me question EVERYTHING about me.

Yet, I am grateful that I can write these words, from my own spot.

Yet, I am grateful I can yak with my twin, with my big bros and sis and friends.

Yet, I can be frustrated, feeling like a complete idiot, learning this new job whilst working from home.

It can become easy, beloved, to focus on the hard, to concentrate on what we don’t yet have, to become discouraged on what we have not yet:





Until, we:





We have ALREADY won.

We are MORE THAN conquerors, through Him that loves us.

We stand, victoriously, shakily, relentlessly, repeatedly on SOLID FOUNDATION:

God’s Word.


God’s Deep and Abiding Love.

HE, has got this. HE, has got us. HE, goes before us. HE, stands beside us. HE, guides us. HE, provides for us.

ALL He needs us to do is to TRY. NOT to show Him anything. But, to show US what He has given, what He has ALREADY put in us.

Our efforts, ONLY helps activate our faith. That’s all. We have already won, beloved!

Keep going. As will I…

Cassandra FREE

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