Store up your acorns.

I try to do these three things EVERY day:

Read, something positive.

Listen to, something positive.

Watch, something positive.

If I can’t do all three, I do at least one.

This stores up needed faith, joy, hope, peace needed to sustain when life gets a bit hectic and rough.

Currently jamming to ‘Bulletproof ‘. AWESOME song. Get you a nice playlist together. Play some EVERY day, whether you feel like praising or not. Amazing how jamming on positive music can turn your whole day around.

Get some good Word in you. Psalm 31 was delish this morning. Even if you don’t yet know The Father, as your father, it’s a great Psalm to read/digest/ponder.

Watch an inspiring movie, clip, show, video. The heart/soul/spirit enjoys some positive viewing!

If you have been hanging in there, with me, you will need to get refilled. Getting refueled, as we speak.

Now that we have made it to Easter…whew…will be getting back to other things like standing, walking, dancing, and many other topics.

Be sure to get some rest in there somewhere. When you have done all you can for the day, leave the results to God and Life. Not really our business what happens after we have done our part.

Don’t judge yourself off the result or lack thereof. God and Life have the endgame in mind. You may never see the endgame. Does that really matter?

ALL that matters is you have done YOUR part to fix the relationship, deal with the work issue, life issue, family issue, circumstances, whatever.

Refresh, renew and keep it moving.

Moving with you,




  • Start again. Again!
    PSA: This message may or may not contain a temper tantrum by journeys end…. πŸ™‚ The day started out a complete and total disaster!…..ack!!!!!!!!! Rather, I started out, out of sorts, and sorta outta hand, which made the start of the day a COMPLETE AND UTTER DISASTER! Crapola!!! Crapp!!!!!!!!! Yikes! Egads! Whew! Toldja a tantrum … Continue reading Start again. Again!
  • Your moment(s).
    The Olympic Trials are going on. Athletes, trying to fulfill lifelong goals, of being selected to be on the Olympic Team. I love the Olympics. Love the Olympic Trials. I love seeing folks dreams fulfilled. Of making the team. The Olympics, The Games, as they are often called, almost seems like a side note. Thousands … Continue reading Your moment(s).
  • If you are having trouble getting started, just get started.
    I did NOT want to get out of my comfortable bed. Just did NOT want to get started, for some reason. So, I did the next best thing: just got started….*shrug*. Once I got started, I could get started on the rest of my day. Turns out, by just getting started, I got myself started, … Continue reading If you are having trouble getting started, just get started.
  • All you have to give is ALL you have to give. May as well give all you have.
    I’m too old. I’m too young. I don’t have the right education. I don’t have the right connections. I don’t have… I don’t have… I don’t have…. Seems like we can come up with a billion reasons to not do what we could do if we knew we could do with what we had to … Continue reading All you have to give is ALL you have to give. May as well give all you have.
  • Be optimistic! We fixin’ to cross the finish line, beloveds! Be optimistic! Look how far you have come!? Look how much you have grown?! See how much you have opened your heart. See how far your faith has taken you. Be optimistic! ALL times pass. Both good and bad. This time is at it’s end, beloveds. … Continue reading Be optimistic!
  • You can. You will.
    Don’t give up your TRY. No matter what. Don’t turn loose of your TRY. No matter who. Don’t dismiss the power of your TRY. No matter where. You can do this thing, called life. You WILL do this thing. ALL you have to do is to keep trying. You don’t have to win, today. Just, … Continue reading You can. You will.
  • Standing fast when your want to does not want to.
    1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. This was a tough weekend. Not going to lie. Whew! I hung in there. Barely. Will take it. πŸ™‚ I kept telling … Continue reading Standing fast when your want to does not want to.
  • Keep showing up!
    Monday. Again! *sigh*. Time. Time to start over. Again. Time, to show up. Again. Time. Time, to choose the starting line. Again. Time. Time, to wonder: Will today be the day where we get to win, finally? Will today be the day where we lose, yet again? Will today be the day where we give … Continue reading Keep showing up!
  • Your efforts were NOT done in vain.
    Your efforts, your striving, your TRYing has NOT been in vain. Yes, it seems as though your efforts have come to naught. Yea, the struggle still feels like a struggle and humungous waste of time. Yea, the silence, the world, circumstances, situations all seem to be wondering why on earth you have not given up … Continue reading Your efforts were NOT done in vain.
  • Your TRY is needed.
    Your TRY is needed. Your TRY is crucial. Your TRY causes others to want to try. Your TRY causes Heaven to try harder, on your behalf. Your TRY is changing lives, is changing your own. Even, when you can’t see, the outcome. ESPECIALLY, when you can’t see it. See, God and Life don’t want you … Continue reading Your TRY is needed.
  • Real talk: stay PRESENT.
    “I have NO idea how I am going to make it to Friday!” That’s what I told my wombie, last night. ALL I saw was THREE MORE DAYS of existing, when I had barely scraped through Tuesday. Friday seemed so faaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr awwwwaaaayyyy!!! Just thinking about it had me despairing….hmm…… AHA!!!! Instead of staying, PRESENT, I … Continue reading Real talk: stay PRESENT.
  • Put your hands together for YOU!
    Put your hands together! For YOU! YOU keep stepping up! YOU keep showing out! No matter what. No matter how. No matter where. YOU ARE STILL HERE!! Put your hands together, for YOU. YOU are fighting, still. YOU are TRYing, still. YOU are living, still. YOU are striving, still. Put your hands together, for YOU. … Continue reading Put your hands together for YOU!
  • You are…
    …loved. Seen. Heard. Valued. Take time to cherish YOU, today. Life is short. Yea, it hurts, at time. Much too short, though, to waste too much of it on regrets, whatifs and omygoodnesses. If you have been going through a rough patch, take a deep breath, tilt your head back and say…..ha! I got this!! … Continue reading You are…
  • Broken pieces: You are NOT your pain.
    Broken pieces: You are NOT your pain. I have been trying to write this piece, since April. Today seems fitting, somehow. Had to scrape my way, out of bed. Forced myself, to STAY at work. Dammit! Sunday is Father’s Day. I BARELY made it, through Mother’s Day, in one piece. Still, I stood. This last … Continue reading Broken pieces: You are NOT your pain.
  • I am…
    …enough. You are… …enough. We are all… …enough. I am… …loved. You are… …loved. We are all… …loved. God loves… …me. God loves… …you. God loves… …us all. ‘Nuff said. 😎❀ Cassandra LOVED
  • When loss is not a loss.
    I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss my brother. Could go on, but will stop with them. Have been fighting the good fight, being a good daughter, good sister, hard worker, supportive friend. Exhausting. I want to not have to be those people, to have to do those things. Took out the … Continue reading When loss is not a loss.
  • In this day.
    Good Morning. Yes, it IS good. You are here. STILL. You fought the night, to get to today, and won. The day, is yours, to use as you please. You only get one. Use it wisely. Laugh, in this day. Love, in this day. Spend some time with God, in this day. Chop it up … Continue reading In this day.
  • Believe! Believe. Believe! BELIEVE!! Believe, in yourself. Believe, in your future. Believe, love IS for you. Believe, your dreams ARE attainable and worth having. Believe, you will make it. Believe, you CAN. Believe, you WILL!! Believe, ALL things really do work together FOR YOUR GOOD. Believe, you are MORE than a conqueror, through HIM, who … Continue reading Believe!
  • Real talk: HIS Handwriting Part II
    I was writing, yes, using my own ugly handwriting, this morning. It is both easy, and hard, to do. Okay, not easy. Hard. Why? This is what I wrote: I was thinking about blogging about my handwriting. The more I ‘write’, the more I look at my “ugly” handwriting, the more I am forced to … Continue reading Real talk: HIS Handwriting Part II
  • Hope ALWAYS wins!
    How great is that!? Don’t EVER allow yourself to turn loose of your hope. Hang in there. Someone needed this message. Hang in there. You got this. Cassandra HOPEFUL STILL #YourLifeMattersToMe 😎

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