Real talk: Kick rocks, Bacardi!

Change is hard, yall.

Some days, REAL growth seems near impossible to:




Thankfully, as we continue to stand on THE SOLID FOUNDATION, of God’s Word, God’s CHARACTER, and God’s Deep and Abiding Love for us, HE will help us, when we fall down.

After writing to mom, I fell, hard, for a bottle of Bacardi. Fell hard, into it.

Got tore up, from the floor up, I did. Can’t even tell you why. I was not sad, mad or any kind of ‘ad. I was introspective, yes. Sad? No.

I find, in finding all my broken pieces, and in taking them for healing, I just don’t want ANY distraction to come between me and God, Life, Jaybird, Yikes! and Egads!



Hey there. Yall could have shown up, last night, and saved me a hangover.

Full disclosure: I am not much of a drinker. My roaring drunk was actually two shots mixed with those tiny bottles of coke.πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. Drinking just makes me sleepy.

Fell asleep on Season 4 of ‘This is Us’. Best show in the history of television, in my opinion! No, joke. If you have not seen ‘This is Us’, run, not walk to HULU and catch up.

Woke up. Told Bacardi to kick rocks and got back to standing.

NEVER allow distraction to keep you from standing.

Circumstances and given us all a reason to be distracted. Covid, racial unrest, national unrest, national divide, has distracted and divided us all. We cannot afford to be divided. We cannot afford to be distracted. Time is too short, and times are too important to be distracted.

Tell whatever you are currently being distracted by, to go kick rocks. This country needs you to be engaged. God needs for you to be fully engaged. YOU need for you to be fully engaged.


forgive all the yelling. It appears there is a bit more Bacardi in me than I thought.πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

We really do ‘got this’. Don’t let the present circumstances to discourage you, make you afraid, keep you from keeping on.

Enjoy your Easter. As for me and my house, we fixing to enjoy some good yak time and a chocolate chip muffin with The King.

You Matter to Me.

Cassandra SOBER😁

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