Afraid of the dark: No longer.

The older, I have gotten, the less driving I did, at night.

Once the sun set, that was a wrap. On driving, that is. A bummer. No more:


Popeye’s runs. πŸ˜±πŸ’”!

I don’t know why, really. Just happened. One day, I was happily trucking through the night air. Next thing I knew, I was fleeing, the coming evening.

It’s harder to see, in the darkness. It’s impossible to know what those objects are, in the darkness.

Innocent buildings, by day. Menacing enemies, come darkness.

It’s easy to be confident, when it’s daylight. Less so, when darkness, begins to descend. Even less, when full dark comes upon us.

We find it harder to stand, in the dark. Rather, we revert, to old ways and begin to stand on:

Old, fears.

New, fears.

Past, memories.

Current, situations.

We find it more challenging, more difficult to stand on SOLID Foundation:

God’s Word.


God’s Deep and Abiding Love.

We, confidently, stand:

In, broad daylight.

In, sunshine.

When, things are going well.

When, we think ‘We got this!’

What do we, DO then, when we:

‘Don’t got this’.

Are, in darkness. From:





Inflicted upon us by:




Our, circumstances.

Our, broken, hearts.

Our, broken, pieces?

The more healing, the more freedom, the more fixed pieces God and Life returns to me, the less willing I am to:

Run from:







So, joyfully, timidly, I jumped in Cherry, popped over for some Popeye’s for Jesus, Jaybird, God, Life, Yikes!,Egads!, and me.

Dinners on. Who is coming for dinner?

God is with you. Through ALL. The darkness as well as the light. Both of no consequence to/for Him.

LIVE, your life. Stop, surviving it. Time is short. Distractions, are but, subtractions of, the fractions, of the life you have, yet, to live. *Cassandra thinks this last sentence awfully clever!*

Fear not, beloved. Live. You got this. You can do this. You CAN.

His Always,

Cassandra FREE

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