The Latter rain.

If you have been with me, these last few weeks, the last ten days, in particular, you are, or should be as gutted, as tired, as exhausted, as me.

These pieces have been hard to write, hard to live through, hard to work through, hard to deliver.

God and Life, have been Relentless. Relentless, in pursuit of, our:



They long, to have us:




From, ALL, the sins that besets us.

April 1st, is the toughest day, of my life. Tougher, even then burying mom. I lost, me, that day. Going to try and win be back, on THIS April 1st.

I don’t know, if I will. All, I know, is I will try.

Til then, listen to this song.

No idea, what I shall be, on the other end, of this day. Only, know, I will try.


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