His broken pieces.

Broken pieces.




I’m, tired. Of seeing, so many broken pieces.




It is:


I want to:

Run, from yours.

Hide, from mine.

Distance, from everyone’s.

I won’t lie. Writing has been a pain lately. Truly, painful. I have confused, some. Angered, many.

I don’t blame, people. I have been angered, confused, myself.

Wondering, what in the fresh hell is God and Life so fired up about, already!?

Have not been able to watch tv, eat much, sleep much, do much other than hollering about broken pieces: yours, mine, everyone else’s.



Hey! Where have yall been hiding? Can’t say as I blame you! Jaybird has gotten on MY last nerves.

Enough, already!

Healing, can be exhausting.

Standing, can be exhausting.

Believing, can be terrifying.

Loving, can be scary.

Nevertheless, I:




We be loved, people! How great is that!?πŸ’ƒ

We are, all of us, His Broken Pieces.

Yet, now we can:

Fit together.

Live together.

Love together.

Don’t believe the foolishness that all is lost.

The ONLY thing, we shall lose, is the distance between one another.

We, the people. For, the people. By, the people.

Let us, come together, as broken pieces. HIS broken pieces:

Loving one another.

Looking out for one another

Have my back as I shall endeavor to have yours.

If your eyes shall find your way to these words they were indeed meant for YOU.

I love you. I got you. God and Life, had us all. We be mates.

His and yours,

Cassandra JAYBIRD

Let your Jaybird fly! You were uniquely and wonderfully made. Do you, beloved. 😎❀



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