These pieces, called me.

My twin sister, calls my blog posts, Pieces.


I like this. Seems, fitting. Seems, dignified.

Only, I no longer, believe in, pieces. 

Real talk: I no longer, believe in, MY pieces.

I feel, broken, into, pieces.

A million, pieces, in fact, based upon, one moment.


One moment, that caused me to:

Run, from:

Every, other:

Moment, to be:




After THAT moment, 35 years ago, I no longer:





I, especially, don’t trust:




I, no longer trust them:




Trust, that I will:

Do, right by them.

I, no longer, believe:




Will, do right by:


I, no longer, trust in:




All, because of ONE moment, in time, 35 years ago.

A moment, I never moved passed.

Now, I can not, move forward, to make more, life-altering moments. I failed her, I feel, in THAT moment. I feel, that I failed, ME, in that moment.

One,moment, that took only but a moment to do, has caused me to run, from a lifetime, of other moments.

I, fear failing:




Which, leads me, right back, to the question I have been asking, all week.

For, the last 35 years, really:

Father, WHAT, do I, DO? Now, that it’s time, and I am, now:



Just, not ready?

I find myself shattered, in a million pieces.

If ,you have been reading my pieces, you will have, hopefully, noticed these last pieces have been:


In writing style.

Too many, commas, here.

Colons, out of place, there.

This, has, been, intentional.

We like things, in order. We like to read things, in a flow. Our brains need this logic.

I wanted to, needed to, jar you from thinking. Needed to get you:


While your brain was trying to figure out ‘what in the fresh hell’, I have been trying, to get you, to get your heart, to feel.

My heart, is in pieces.

Your heart, is in pieces.

This is fitting, as we are all:

God’s Pieces. We were all meant, to fit together.

We were called to live together. To, love together.

In harmony.

In love.

We can’t.

Because, we are, all of, us broken, in pieces.

Because of, this, reason.

Due to, that, person.

So, we fight.

One, another.

Break, each other.

Into, a million pieces.

Pieces, that, no longer:

Fit, together.

We, find ourselves, now, in a box, fighting one another.

Breaking each other, into a million divisive pieces.

We, are all, now, shattered.

Treating, each other, as if we really, don’t matter.

We are all, now, devastated.

Like a bomb, shattered.

Into, a million pieces.

All, from running, from moments.

Moments, where we:

Broke, the heart of another.

Moments, where:

Our hearts, were broken:

By, the heart of another.

Moments, where we chose:


Over, reconciliation.

Pride over:




Moments where we:

Walked away:

When we should have, stayed.


When, we should have, walked away.

I, have learned, that:

In standing, even when it has been:





Your heart, can be shattered:

In, a million pieces.

Yet, your spirit, can be:






For, your spirit, now stands on the solid foundation of:

God’s Word.


God’s Deep and Abiding Love, for you.

God loves us. Wants us whole. It is why, He pursues me, Relentlessly.

Why, I, in turn, pursue you relentlessly.

I want you, whole.

Free, to love:





Time grows short:

If, you will, allow yourself, to see past, your own, broken pieces. And, allow yourself, to touch another soul’s, broken pieces. You, will begin, to heal your own, pieces.

You, connecting, with, me.

Me, connecting, with, you.

Broken, pieces, forming a new, piece.

A masterpiece.

God’s Masterpiece:


We are the world.

We are HIS World.

We are ONE.

I, no longer, believe, in these pieces, my pieces.

Nevertheless, God believes, in my pieces. He believes, in me. He loves, me.

However, I know my disbelief, is but from the broken pieces, that God is, even now, healing, in me.



It is good to see you, both. I have need of you. The God, of This Universe, loves ME! Even, with my broken pieces. Yikes! Egads! Amazing!

Beloveds, time grows short. There are so many people, walking around, in pieces.

Feeling as if they, don’t matter. They DO, matter. Their lives, matter. Their lives, matter, to me. Your life, matters. Your life, matters, to me.

Even though, I have no earthly idea, if these pieces, MY pieces, my life, matters, to you. I offer, these pieces, my pieces, to you. In the hope that you will allow, God, to take, your pieces, and make you whole.

Praying for you til you are:

Home(with Dad, Life, Yikes!, and Egads!).




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