Letter to my friend: Our broken pieces.


My friend,

Forgive, me. I couldn’t, see you, because, of my broken pieces. You couldn’t hear me, because of, your broken pieces. We burned down, our friendship, because of, our broken pieces.

I, walked away, in a pique of anger, because of, my broken pieces. You allowed me, to walk away, because of your broken pieces.

I, allowed anger, fear, doubt (insert whatever you like here) to consume me, consume the understanding, the love, and the care, between us. I chose my anger, my hurt, MY pain. Over, you. Over, your hurt/pain.

If, you were not hurt, in pain, you would have NEVER allowed me to walk away. You would have NEVER allowed, the silence, to stretch into an eternity.

I’m sorry, my friend. I love you, and I am sorry.

I, can never erase, that moment. So, here I am, here I make my stand, trying, to make another moment. One, where we can begin, again.

A moment, where, we can move forward. Not, back, reliving, rekindling, the heat of that moment.

I CHOOSE, to let go, of THAT moment. The moment, that changed everything, between us.

I choose, to let go, in order to create, THIS moment. The moment, that can change everything, between us.

I, forgive you. For not:

Seeing, me.

Hearing, me.

Believing, in me.

Recieving, me.

For, I also did not see, hear, believe or receive you.

If I had, I, would have seen, your broken pieces. I, would have loved you, instead of pushing you away.

I, could not see your broken pieces. I could not see past my own.

I, see YOU, now. I, see ME, now: Two broken pieces, in a fallen world.

Let us, begin, again.

Let us, mend, again.

Let us, care for one another, again.

If not, as friends, at least as two comrades, who have previously walked a special path.

Let us walk, a new path, in a new way. Let us, CHOOSE, to look upon, one another, as pieces, beautifully made. Flawed, yet, beautiful.

I will ALWAYS love you, and care, for your life.

I will, be here, for you, should you choose to return.

Should you, continue, on your way, I shall ever, remain:

Your friend.

Your supporter.

Your protector.

Your confidante.

Your cheerleader.

Your biggest fan.

Should, you return, and see that I am gone. Fear, not. I have taken, my broken pieces. I have taken, your broken pieces. I have taken, them all, to Dad. For, healing.

I SHALL, return, for you, my friend.

As, Jesus, returns, to us, time and again. EVERY time, we:

Dismiss, Him.

Refuse, Him.

Refuse, to:

Love, Him.

He loves us, still. Because of, His Amazing Grace, bestowed upon us.

I, extend grace to you. To accept, if you choose. To refuse, if you choose. To return, if you choose.

Whatever, your choice, my love, my care, for you, shall ever remain.

Be well, my friend. I forgive you. I forgive me. For not realizing the miracle, called our friendship.

I, shall endeavor, to NEVER allow past moments, to come between, me and new life-changing moments. I, pray that you do the same.

All my love,


P.S. It is my fervent hope that EVERY heart reads these words and CHOOSE, to return, to his/her/they moment. Return, forgive yourself. Forgive, your friend/foe/lover/family. CHOOSE them, NOT your anger, hurt(insert whatever words you feel here).

Life, is so very short. We are running out of:



Use yours, wisely.

THIS time.

In THIS moment.

STOP reliving, past moments. We can do nothing about them, now.

Now, forgive yourself. Get on with it.


Free, you.

Free, them.


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