Letter to Him: Jesus, I give You these broken pieces.


I was going to start this piece, and grew tired.

I am so tired.

Of, people:





Broken pieces.

Broken, I decided to lay down. To, try to sleep. My twin, my wombie, keeps begging me, to sleep.

I have been up, for a full week, now.

I can’t:




The Father, is weeping.

Heaven, is sad.

King Jesus, will, soon, be put to rest. In order, to be, resurrected. In order, to resurrect, us.

The Father, is Relentless.

The Father, tired of people:





Broken pieces.

Exhausted, I fell into bed. I began praying, for all of us. I prayed for God to help us. To help us, give Him, our pieces. Our broken hearts. To, Him. In order for Him to:

Bind, our wound.

Mend, our hearts.

Heal, our land.

I have a small bag of blue stones. I call them my ‘prayer stones’. I hold them. I think of people. I pray for them. Pray, and imagine each stone represents a piece, a broken heart. A, wounded, soul.

While, praying, while holding my ‘prayer stones’, my broken pieces, your broken pieces, I fell into a restless dream. This is what I saw:

There was a trial going on. A room, full of witnesses, all sharing their hearts, their stories, their struggles. They were telling them, to this judge. I could not see the judge. Only, the people. There were many. They were being filmed. They did not mind. In fact, they needed the cameras. They spoke directly to the cameras. Sharing their hearts, their thoughts.

Suddenly, the judge decided to have the cameras taken away. The witnesses, were distraught. I was, initially, dismayed. I grew very angry. This was unfair! So, very unfair! They had, the RIGHT, to be heard. They had, the absolute RIGHT, TO BE SEEN!


Angry, I jumped, over the rail, and entered the trial. I rushed, to the front, of the room. I confronted, the judge:


How, dare you, silence, these hearts, these voices. They, have the RIGHT, to speak, to be seen, to be heard. Let, them. Let them, speak!

I was:




That, this callous judge, had deemed their voices unworthy of being broadcast for all the world to see, to hear, to empathize with, to care for.

Before, I had leapt, there was this one woman. She had turned to the cameras and said how sad she would be to see them go. She said she had needed them. She said, they had helped her. She needed to be seen. She needed to be heard. Her look was desperate.

Desperate, she made me. Leaping, to her defense, I confronted this unseen judge, this uncaring judge.

The judge demanded I be silenced. He called, for strong men, to come, to take me, away. The judge was, now, trying to silence me.

I am not having this! I began yelling, at the top of lungs:

You will NOT silence me!

You will NOT, silence, these!

I tried to evade the men. I ran around the room. Screaming. Raging. I would NOT BE SILENCED!

Finally, the men encircled me, closed their rank. Eventually, they were close enough, to grab me.

They grabbed each arm. They began to drag me away.

The sound of my own voice, shouting I would not be silenced, the silent looks/screams, of all the witnesses, are what shook me, awake.

I, despaired. Knowing, I could not force people, to speak. I could not make them, bring their broken hearts, their broken pieces, to Jesus. To, The Father. To, The Cross.

Yet, I could, pray for them. I could hold, ‘my prayer stones’, my pieces, their pieces. I could bring us all, in prayer. To, Jesus. To, The Cross:

Jesus, I give You, these broken pieces. I give You, my pieces. I can not, give You, the broken pieces, the broken hearts, of others. I give to You, my ‘prayer stones’, in their stead.

Lord, I ask, that You:

Bind, our wound.

Mend, our hearts.

Heal, our land.

We are, all of us:






Lost, without You.

Decades ago, I gave You, my life. Today, I give You, my pieces. ALL of them. The ones I share with You, proudly. The ones, I share with You, with shame-filled eyes. Lord, I give You, me.

I am standing on God’s Word, on God’s CHARACTER, on God’s Deep and Abiding Love, for me.

I stand, before You, humbled by Your Grace, Your Love, Your Mercy.

I ask for, Your Justice. I ask for, Your Mercy.

Speak for me, King Jesus.

Speak, for them, Lord.

Speak, for us, us all.

NO man, NO judge, No authority, can shut Your Voice.

There is none, like You. There is none, who can, subdue You. There is none, beside You.

Bind, Mend, Heal, my broken pieces, their broken pieces. Speak, for us. Speak, with us. Speak, in us. Give us, the strength:

To, speak.

To, reach out.

To, love:



One, Another.

These things, I ask, in Your Precious, Awesome, Mighty Name.


Yours Always,


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