The Reason for ALL seasons.

I am fixing to shut things down, for the night. Yes, I know it is almost 6 am. I have spent a delicious night:

Kicking it, with King Jesus.

Hanging, on The Father’s Strong Shoulders, as we read His Word.

Chopping it up, with Yikes, Egads, and Life.

Praying for, in lamentation for, yakking/blogging incessantly for, you.

I am now, ending my day, pun intended, the same way it started: standing and praising me some Him.

I invite you, to click on the song, and rejoice, with me.

Life, is short, beloved. Best be getting to the living of it, don’t you think?

Be encouraged. I know I am.

I stood for folk, yesterday. Who is taking a turn, for me?

I love you. God Loves you. Be well and at peace, today. God has got this.

Jaybird REDEEMED๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ƒ

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