I am…


…tired of being the world’s Hallmark card. Rather, I am TIRED of Jaybird forever standing, reaching, yada yada.

Me: WHY, in the fresh hell do you bother!?

Jaybird: People are hurting. Silently. The grieve where no one but God can see. He is tired of it. As, am I. Enough!

Me: I am, TIRED, of you being discarded, once used. You are NOT Kleenex. Dammit!šŸ¤¬

Jaybird: How ’bout we start a Dance Party and see what Sarah is up to?

Me: Dammit. Damn, you.

Jaybird: BE honest, at least.

Me: WHO are you reaching? Who even gives a good damn? Even friends can’t be bothered to respond with more than an emoji, if they respond, at all.

Jaybird: You have got me on that one.



Jaybird: I don’t know what to do with her.

Yikes!: Beats me. Not sure a cute story will help here.

Me: Dammit. šŸ˜”šŸ˜„šŸ’ƒ

To be continued…maybe.

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