Letter to My Father: Your Relentless Love.

Dear Father,

Your Love, for me, has been relentless.

Your Love has pursued me, wooed me, sought me, my entire life.

Your Love, viewed me, from the womb.

Your Love, was There, at my birth.

Your Love, walked me across the street to kindergarten.

Your Love, walked me down the aisle on graduation day.

Your Love, followed me, to my first job.

Your Love, secured me, at my last job.

Your Love, was There, when I fell, in love.

Your Love, was There, when, love fell out of love, with me.

Your Love, was There, when my heart, birthed it’s first dream.

Your Love, was There, when my dream shattered, then shattered me.

Your Love is Relentless.

Your Relentless Love, wrenched back the curtain of time, and came for me, in my time of need.

Your Relentless Love, roamed the galaxies, in search of gifts meant just for me. Earth’s boundaries, could not, contain all You had in store for me.

Your Relentless Love, as Enduring, as Far-reaching, as the tides. The ocean bows, before me, subdued, awed, by Your Deep and Abiding Love, for me.

Your Relentless Love, refused to allow me to give up on love, absolutely refused to allow me, to give up, on me.

Father, how can you continue to pursue, so Relentlessly, so Religiously, one, so small, as me?

Father, I have been relentless, in my need to please, my need to work, my need to prove/earn love, from You.

How to, accept Relentless Love, from You, to me?

How to, accept love, not yet, earned, relentlessly?

Your Relentless Love, is like a drumbeat: banging loudly, demanding to be heard, to be seen, by all.

That I could, give You the world, for all, You have allowed, the world to give to me, relentlessly, repeatedly, freely.

The world, would be Yours, if it were only mine, to give. I give You, my heart, my life, instead.

For, ALL the world, could not possibly contain, all the love, all the joy, all the awe, I feel towards, Thee, and Your Relentless Love.

The number of stars, in the sky, could not begin to count, to number, my thoughts of You, and Your Relentless Love.

Your Relentless Love, is The Oxygen. I breathe.

Your Relentless Love, is The Heart, that beats within me.

Your Relentless Love, causes me, to stand.

Your Relentless Love, catches me, when I fall.

I must end, this letter, of praise, Father, as I find the closer I get, to You, the more relentless I become.

Relentlessly, tearing down, every barrier, that stands, between You and me.

Relentless, I pursue every fear.

Relentless, I attack, every doubt.

Relentless, I bring down, every wall.

I love You, Father.

I thank, You, for loving me…


Your Humbled Daughter,


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