I will be your very present help.


Your family was dealt a devastating blow, yesterday. I felt it too.

I wanted to be there, for them. For you.

Since I could not be, there, present, with you, I was your present help, I’m spirit.

I fought, the night, for your family. For you.

I beat back the night, the darkness, and won.

In the light, of morning, I bring, spoils of war, procured for them. For you.

I bring one full night’s worth of: prayer, grace, supplication, tears, rage, anger, disbelief, lamentation, dance, rending of cloth, breaking of glass.

I did not bring those things to your family. To you. None could bear their weight.

I took them all, to the one place where they could be known.

I took them straight to Heaven’s Throne.

Before Him, I knelt, I wept, I grown. I cried your family’s tears. I prayed your mom’s tears. I cried your tears.

I did not cry, alone.

All of Heaven, cried with me.

God, Himself, cried, for you.

Jesus, wanted to cry, Heaven’s Tears, for your mom, Himself. Heaven’s Tears are saved for the best.

I returned, from Heaven, to bring but ONE thing to you: God’s Grace.

He said to tell you that you already have the rest: His RELENTLESS Love, His Lamentation, His Comfort, His Care.

But, mostly, beloved, Dad said you have His Most Priceless Gift: You have His Heart.

Tell mom, everything, WILL, be okay.

Her brother rests, now.

Her brother, is free, now.

Her brother, roams free, with The King, now.

Tell mom, though she can’t go, to heaven, in person, to see her brother.

Tell mom, I went, in spirit, for her, for the family. For you.

Tell mom, I rejoice her brother’s victory and sing his victor’s song. His victory seems her defeat. She can not, yet, rejoice.

Tell mom, tell your family. I tell you I rejoice for you all, so that you can bear such a devastating, loss.

Yes, his pain, is at it’s end. In this. ONLY, in this do I rejoice.

For mom’s pain, your family’s pain. Heart-breakeningly, your pain has only begun.

I rage for mom. I rend Heaven, demanding justice, for mom’s tears. I tell Dad He had best take care of mom, PERSONALLY, today. Told Him, HE best get to tending to your family, to you.

At present, I can not be, there, with you. I shall do all that I can, to be your present help, today.

Tell mom, her heart was much too precious and priceless, for me to carry in my pocket. So, I took it, to Heaven, and put her, in God’s Pocket.

Rest, beloved, rest best you can. I have your family’s hearts and carrying them, in my pocket. I carry, your heart, tenderly, in these clumsy hands.

Your heart is precious, priceless I will do all that I can, to tend to her, to love her, to hold her, to cry with her, to cry FOR her. For you.

Though, your grief is much too heavy to see me, KNOW, of a surety, I am your very present help, today, and beyond.

I love you.

Tell mom, I love her. Tell her, I weep for my own brother lost. I know well, her tears. Tell her, to concentrate on HER. Let her know you and the rest of the family will be okay.

Tell mom, she needs to give her heart space, room, permission to grieve her brother’s loss.

You don’t have to stand, today. I stand for you.

There are NO words that will help with today and the coming days. NONE.

So, I end with but three words…

I love you.


P.S. Tell mom, I snuck a tiny piece, of her heart, so I could carry her, today. Tell mom, I got her. I got her family. I got you.

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