Dancing in my underwear.


I admit it. I dance, in my underwear, after a particularly exhilarating shower.💃


Okay, okay! I will tell them I dance, in my underwear, in the middle of the night, in the cold light of day.

Just like dancing, alone, free, in my undies. 🤷‍♀️

Why do I admit this, to you, to me?

Because, I…I was jamming to my music, and suddenly became conscious that I was a 52 year old woman, overweight, hair falling out, from sickness/stress.

Nevertheless, I was spinning around and round, when the thought came to me…Yikes! Egads! I have need of thee.

Me: I find myself, embarrassed.

Yikes: Why, for Heavens sake?

Egads: Yea, what’s up with that, Jaybird?

Me: I suddenly, wonder, if I am embarrassment, to Dad, dancing this way before Him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my heart’s door…

God/Dad: May I enter the conversation?

Me: You are welcome. Any where. At, any time. What’s up?

Dad: I noticed you stopped dancing. I came to ask, why My Beloved Daughter? I was rather enjoying your latest moves. Remind me to ask what happened to the lamp. 😘

Me: I thought of my old age, my broken down body, my white hair, and, well, Yikes! Egads!!

Yikes/Egads: Don’t bring us into the conversation. You are the one who put a halt to God’s Dance Party.

God: Shh!

Me: What Dance Party?

Dad: *sigh*. You were not meant to know this, yet. Nevertheless, if it gets the Party started, again, tell you, I shall do. It may be easier to show you…

Rending back, the Curtain of Time, God invited Jaybird to follow. Kicking up stardust, Dad and Jaybird made their way to Heaven.

Once there, Jaybird was stunned by what she saw:

Jesus had flung His Crown upon His Throne, and was line-dancing, with Michael, Gabriel, and half the Heavenly Host.

The other Half were doing the robot, the running man, and…no idea, all kinds of weird dances.🕺

David, was break-dancing, executing an impressive spin.🕴

Even Noah, Sarah, Job, and Elijah were busting their own old/shaky moves. Sarah cut quite the rug, at her age.💃

Suddenly, ALL of heaven came to a screeching halt.

The Host started an uproar. Michael and Gabriel rushed to find the source of the lost music.

Jesus, peered over the Barrier of Time…

Jesus: She stopped dancing.

Sarah: Whyever for?!

Jesus: Beats me. That’s a wrap, folks. Best be about The Father’s Work. Remember, your places. She may start again soon. I particularly enjoy our Dance Party with her. Perhaps, there are others praising Him. Let’s go see.

The Room emptied, in search of other Praise/Dance Parties.

Jaybird: Wow. I had no idea. Thought I danced alone. Thought, maybe my undignified dancing was an embarrassment with me being The Daughter of The King.

God: Know ye not, Beloved. Heaven rejoices whenever, however, whyever you praise/pray/rejoice?

Your dance/prayer/praise are indicative of your belief in Me.

Heaven knows you need My Word, My CHARACTER, and My Deep and Abiding Love for you.

Jaybird: ALL, of Heaven? For me? I fly, dented. What could MY dances possibly mean to them?

Dad: Enough! You shall NOT diminish, dismiss yourself, in My Sight. Beloved, dim not thyself, ANYWHERE, with ANYONE, at ANYTIME.

I created, thee. I have, called thee, by thy name, thou art Mine!

Now, we are wasting time. May we start Your Dance Party, now?

Bending low, God placed a tender kiss upon Jaybird’s check, whispered something meant for only her to hear.

With one last backwards glance, God winked and closed the Curtain of Time, behind Him.

*Cranking up the volume, Jaybird clumsily tried David’s intricate spin*

Oppps…*Cassandra makes a mental note to buy another lamp. Didn’t care for it much, anywho*

Yikes!: 🕴

Egads!: 😎

Life: Yasss! 💃

God: Woooo Hoooo! 🕺

Jesus: 👀


It seems, I am again, stifling Jaybird. She is not the dented one, it appears.

The dented one, is me. I have allowed myself to dim my goofness. Alas, I appear to be a bit ashamed of donning my Aqua ish shirt. 😥

Jaybird: Why, o, why, have you put away your Aqua ish shirt?! It’s what I love most about you.

Me: I am ashamed, Jaybird, of keeping you dimmed, for all these years. Yes, I had let you, roam freely, when it was just me, just you.

Jaybird: Why? Were you embarrassed, of me?

Me: No. I feared others, would be. I told myself I was protecting you. Turns out, I was only fearfully protecting me.

Jaybird: What are you going to do, about this, about me?

Me: Honestly? I don’t know.

Us ‘loud’ folks are so used to being shushed it is difficult to reveal our passions.

We are deathly tired of being accused of being angry.

We are sick to death of having to explain why we are so passionate.

We just are.

By the time we have explained and got our passion approval card approved, we just don’t have the energy to be passionate.

Easier, to be silent. I apologize for silencing you. I don’t blame others, for silencing you, as I used to. This was of my own doing.

Jaybird: It’s okay. When you knew better, you did better. Forgive yourself. I have, long ago. I knew you were trying to protect you. I still flew, for both of us. I fly, for both of us, still.

You, fly, too. Dented, yes, but, you, fly, still.

Tenderly, Jaybird placed an Aqua ish shirt upon Cassandra’s humbled shoulders.

Jaybird: Looks good on you! 💃😎

Moral of the story? I don’t know. Someone, tell me.😥

Absolutely NO idea how to sign off on this one,


I have to be honest and wish I had a tribe.

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