Check what’s running in the background.

I noticed I was having to charge my phone much more than usual.

At first, I chalked it up to extra usage.

Even the extra usage, though, seemed to be draining things much too much.

Finally, one day, my phone sent me a message to check the background settings on an App downloaded, recently.

Sure enough, the always running in the background tab WAS running.



What yall say? Check all the other app settings?



I have not thought of that!…*slaps self upside the head*

What in the fresh hell?!

I found, at least a half dozen, constantly, running, draining my phone battery.

Worse, they were apps I rarely, if ever use.🤷‍♀️

*Cassandra reminds herself to delete the unused apps*…hmm…*Cassandra reminds herself to remind herself to write about deleting unused apps/things*

My heart battery, my life battery, has been in need of adjustment, here lately.

God and Life, have been relentless: Daily reminding me to check background things, constantly, trying to run, in my life. To run, my life.

Sure enough, I am forever running into SOMETHING:

A bit of fear, here.

A bout, of doubt, there.

A dash, of anger, everywhere. Dammit. 😡

Oops. Sorry.



What the world yall need, now? Can’t you see, I am talking to folk?

Remind them to check their heart, their life, background settings?

*Cassandra reminds herself to remind herself to remind folks to check their background settings so as not to have a drained heart battery *

Yikes: Egads, she started yet another background noise going.

Egads: *slap self upside head*

Egads: Think we should remind her?

Yikes: Nah, too much fun watching God and Life handling her business.🤣

I guess, I should stop distracting, myself, and…!!!…*Cassandra rushes to turn off the distractions*…*pout*.

Distraction is one of the biggest drainer, of our heart life’s battery.

Speaking of drained batteries, I am tired, yall.

Who has the next watch?

There are souls in need of love, in need of care.

Care for them, remind them of God’s Word, God’s CHARACTER, and Deep and Abiding Love, for them.

Don’t forget to turn the lights off, when you are done.😴

I love you.

Jaybird AT REST

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