Naked: Ashamed

Today, I stand. Naked. Ashamed.

Nevertheless, I am here, standing.

However, I am afraid: of what I shall be, of what standing may do inside me.

I fought the night, valiantly. The night won, yet again, and rightfully took her spoils, the day, with her.

I stand before You, Father. Naked. Ashamed.

I am not ashamed of my nakedness. I joyfully receive being stripped of all pride, doubt, and fear in order to live this life, and not simply to survive it.

I am ashamed, Father, because of the fear. It’s not the fear I am ashamed of. I ashamed I have allowed fear to return as You have led me to stand, in a new place, in a very strange place, in a new me.

It is in the trials, of life, where we are exposed. The REAL us. The us that no one can see. Save, You. Save, me.

It is in this new trial, this latest trial, I stand and find myself, afraid.

I chastise myself, I should know, better. I admonish myself, I should do, better. I remind myself, I should BE, better.

With all the chasestisement, admonishment, and remiders, I still found myself, afraid.

Ah! The point, in all this standing: I found, me. The REAL, me. The me, only You, only I, only Life, can see.

God: All I have ever asked of thee, is for the just to stand, before Me. To stand, WITH Me. To stand, as I guide, thee. I ask you, to stand. Not to make you afraid. But, to set you free. In standing, before Me, naked and ashamed, you have ALREADY, made yourself, free.

I fought the night with you, My Beloved, Daughter. I bore most, of the weight, upon My Shoulders, high, where No man can see. I gave you just enough, of the fight, so you could see, you.

All you could see, was the fear. All I could see, was your fight, your willingness to continue, even afraid.

What you call, your fear, I call, your faith.

You knew, you had no strength, to bear your weight. You knew, you had no pride, to hide behind. You knew, you only, had you.

Only…*sigh*. What you see, as ONLY, I see, as EVERYTHING. You, are everything. My Everything.

I have covered, your nakedness. You mistakenly, believe you have covered, yourself, in fear and shame.

I have, covered you, with My Deep and Abiding Love, for you. I have wrapped thee, in My Word. I have sheltered thee, with My CHARACTER.

Lift up, thy head, My Daughter. I have called thee, by thy name. Thou art Mine. I have helped thee. Yea, I have lifted, I have carried thee, by My Righteousness Arm.

Lift up, your head, and see, I see you, have found, you. Don’t, be afraid, of her. Don’t, be ashamed, of her.

For, she, is a mighty warrior. She, is a valiant, warrior. She stands. Even afraid, she stands. How, can I not be a Proud Father. She humbles Me.

I stand, before, her. I stand, with her. She is you. Accept, her. All, of her. She is you.

Me: 😥

Today, before the battle starts, I stand. Ready, for whatever the day shall bring for me.

Nevertheless, I stand. Free. Unchained. Fearless. Covered. Loved. Blessed.

However, I remain. Me. Showing the entire world, the entirety of me.

I stand, before you, world. Naked: Not ashamed.

I stand, for all, who struggled, with the night, who think they have lost.

Lift up, your head, my dear brother. Lift up, your head, my precious sister. Lift up, your head, my awesome, others.

Lift up, your head, and see, you. The REAL you. The you, only you, only God, only Life, can see.

You are covered: by God’s Word, by God’s CHARACTER, and by God’s Deep and Abiding Love, for you.

You have ALREADY, won, beloveds. As, have I.

The bible says we are MORE than conquerors. The battle was won, long before the night snatched the light from the day.

Be at peace, today. No matter what the day may bring. Tell the day to bring on it’s best. And, remember, this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Rejoicing, with you,


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