I got this. I don’t got this!

I had to go into the office to pick up a new office chair. Broke my old one throwing a temper tantrum. Kidding. Would have been a nice edition to the story, though.

Being as I have been working from home, had not driven to work in more than a year.

I was confident that I remembered the way. Smh. Both, Yikes and Egads appeared just in case they would be needed. Okay, they both arrived with popcorn to enjoy the upcoming festivities. This is known as foreshadowing for those who don’t write…*sigh*.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I jumped in the car, cranked up the volume on my music and…

Life tapped me on the shoulder and said: okay, so you just may want to google map your way. It HAS been a minute. Also, you drove to work in the dark morning hours. Things look completely different, in the light.

I got this, I advised life pridefully. Yikes said, well, Yikes. Dropping the popcorn, Yikes could see it had been dragged into the fray.

God then said: My Child, I love thee with an everlasting love. That said, um, you know you may have a challenge or two when it comes to directions. Maybe, you should google map your way.

I got this, I confidently told God. Wanted to make Dad proud, you see. Egads said, well, Egads and joined Yikes.

Paying none of them no mind, I made my way to work. Traffic was a beast. No matter, I had conquered traffic the weekend before last.

πŸš—. I rocked and rolled my way to work. I told yall! Ha!



πŸ‘€…hhmm…*Cassandra realizes she may or may not perhaps kinda sorta what had happened taken the wrong turn.

*Ten extra minutes later, Cassandra entered work directions and listened to google map’s chastisement ALL the rest of the way to work*.

The extra driving time was nice. ALL things work for our good, remember? God and Life had already baked my goofness into the equation.

Also, Yikes and Egads both agreed this would be a lovely thing to blog about. May as well make some lemonade from the lemons I created.

Don’t be afraid to make lemonade, even when you are the one who required Life to bop you upside the head with lemons.

This was just another reminder to ensure that I am standing on firm foundation. This presented another opportunity to stretch my faith muscles by telling pride to kick rocks and asking, google maps, aka God and Life, for some help.

God is a very PRESENT help in the time of trouble. Even in the trouble we bring on ourselves.

Don’t think your troubles are too insignificant for God and Life to take interest in and charge over.

Don’t allow your making a mistake, big or small, to keep you from seeking help. Don’t punish yourself because you made the mistake, in the first place.

Even the big mistakes. The doozies. The ones you can’t think about, let alone forgive yourself. Even in these, God and Life are there for you.

They got this. Let them have you.

You CAN. You WILL.

Go…okay, so don’t forget to take google maps with you. Yikes and Egads may want to join for your festivities. πŸ‘

His Awesome Daughter,


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