I stood alone.

I stood alone.

I STOOD alone.

I stood ALONE.


Sounds valiant, doesn’t it? Heroic, eh?

Both things would have been true had I actually been standing: on God’s Word, on God’s CHARACTER, and on God’s Deep and Abiding Love for me.

However, I had actually been compensating and leaning upon my own strength, trying to figure things out with my own understanding, trying to encourage myself with my own inadequate words.

Both God and Life tried to get me standing with Them. I must admit to having a bit of pride and letting Them know that “I got this”.

Turns out I didn’t ‘got this’. In fact, I got got.



God understands. Life understood. It’s why They have baked our standing, not standing, compensating into the equation.

However things turn out, ALL things still work together for our good. My stumbling moments put me on my knees, had me crawling in God’s lap, had me comforting myself with the knowledge that God loves me, still.

He loves me, still. Even in my lowest moments, even in my most frustrating moments, God loves, Jaybird, still.

Still, I fly, dented, valiant, free, joyous, brilliant, abiding in the shadow of The Most High.

I stand. Surrounded. By God. By His Love. He stands with me.

We stand…

Keep going. Stand. When you stumble, gather yourself and stand again.

Standing with you,


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