STOP allowing distractions to become distractions!

I was doing great, for time, getting my office situated. Like a big dummy, however, I let myself get distracted in conversation with a friend. Of course, said distraction led me to running out of time, to do the vacuuming. I told myself I was simply being a good neighbor and not making all kinds of racket, this late at night.

This was a wonderful excuse, until God and Life asked me why didn’t I just use the broom sitting, over there, in the corner? The corner also in need of a good sweeping and/or vacuuming?

Good question. Yikes. Egads. True that, Yall.

Stomping quietly, couldn’t wake up the neighbors, being neighborly and all, I snorted, flounced and pouted my way to the stupid broom…..*mutters to self*…and continue on with my chore of getting cleaned, organized and ready to live life, not just to survive it.

Reminds me of a conversation recently had, or visited upon me, by my accountability partner. I thought I had been tearfully and understandably, presenting my case on why I could NOT blog that day. I had not yet restored my laptop(another story on another day. It’s called ‘Factory Reset. Ok, have to keep it 100 and admit that I have been stalling about writing THAT particularly piece. How do I know this? Because I have been writing about everything BUT that since my accountability partner told me she could not wait to read it….*sigh*…dear Lord a sista reads me up and down, yall)

*Cassandra realizes she has allowed herself to become distracted from writing about not allowing oneself to become distracted as easy to become distracted when Life and God gets to. Speaking of that Cassandra thinks of the time that….oppss…ehem…..*Cassandra gets some shut up and keeps it moving*… distracting!

Anywho, I was pleading my ability of not being able to blog due to all the ‘puter issues I had been having. She asked her simple, nothing simple at ALL about her simple questions, “why don’t you just write things down with pen/pencil and paper?

Of course, that gave me the perfect excuse that my handwriting was too poor due to the neurological issues I was having. God and Life was having none of this. BOTH told me to get off my hind end, transfer all of my files to the external hard drive I had just purchased, and get my laptop, to have some act right! For ME, to get some act right!!

Trust me, when God and Life tells you to get some act right, best believe you will start to get some act right, on your own, if you are smart/wise/like no pain applied to the hind end/ready to say uncle. Yikes. Egads.

I swept up. Even pulled out the super cute storage desk sis had gotten me for my birthday. It is soooooooooooo cute! Here I was having my desk lamp and such on a barstool.

Sorry, God. Sorry, Life. Sorry, sis. Sorry, me. I will do better.

I will LIVE, not simply survive. I will do the needed things, the hard things, the tiring things, the frustrating things, the life-giving things, the life-affirming things that will help me to continue to grow closer to God, to Life, to myself, to my family, to my friends.

It is so easy to allow distractions to keep us from doing the things that we KNOW we should be doing. Rather, COULD be doing. Neither God, nor Life, will beg us to do the needed things, the necessary things, the required things. All they will do is ask. Ask and Wait. Wait and Ask.

The trick to overcoming distractions is understanding there is a big difference between taking time away from a project, job, situation to refresh yourself and get back after it. Or, avoiding the project, job or situation because you don’t want to deal with it/them/that.

Avoiding life, is not living it. It is surviving it. We done with survival, remember?

When you find yourself beginning to avoid Yikes, Egads and the like, ask yourself why? Are you: tired, frustrated, sad, mad, wondering, tired of wondering, wandering, forever tired of wandering? Etc etc ad nauseum.

Deal with WHY you have allowed yourself to become distracted, then get back after getting some act right and taking care of the person/place/thing.

I feel good, looking around at the partially swept floor. Yes, I admit it. I allowed myself this momentary distraction, to tell you not to allow your momentary distractions, to become permanent distractions. We have things to do. We have people to love. We have all manner of dreams to conquer. We don’t have time for distractions, yall.

Speaking of distractions, yall are distracting me! I have to get back after it…*sigh*…..*Cassandra picks up the broom and gets to work*.

Last words, for real, for real: God and Life are in need of us. They need our gifts, our talents, and our love. They need us to be shoulders for others to lean on, hearts to love others with, arms to hold those in need of care. The bible says that as He is, so are we in this world. It’s not just our business most of us are to be about. It’s about the business of others: friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, strangers.

Even if you don’t have a relationship with God, Life still asks for you to engage, to be a part of it. Yep, just ain’t no getting around the fact that YOU are needed. If you are reading these words, yes, I be talking to you homie/homette! 😉

John 9: 4-5I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

If you hear not another word spoken from me, hear, receive and KNOW this: God SEES you, God LOVES you, and God CARES DEEPLY for your life.

Your life was worth the death of a King. THE King. His Name is Jesus. He wants to be Your Homie. Your Best Friend. Your Protector. Your Cheerleader. He wants you to get closer to God, to Life, to those around you.

It is my continued prayer that you allow Life, God and others to love you. Life is short. Live it.

living with you distraction free,


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