Allow access.

Yep, I am paying for my crime in not writing about doing a factory reset on my laptop.

How, you ask…system update wouldn’t update leading me to have to go back to the previous state. Which, you guessed it was the factory reset.

This time, however, I am a bit faster re installing things. Okay, I’m not but I am using my standing skills in NOT allowing myself to be distracted with frustration.

Choosing annoyance and pouting would only waste time. Instead, I pumped up the volume on my praise music, thanked God and Life for my laptop knowing many don’t have one.

I thanked Them for my home, knowing many don’t have one.

I thanked God and Life for the humor they birthed me with, knowing many don’t have my disposition.

I thanked God and Life for being with me, ALWAYS, knowing many have no idea they are not alone regardless of how they feel or what’s going on in their lives.

I thanked God and Life for my phone, being able to research my issue and be able to begin again, to restore to the previous state.

I thanked God and Life for restoring me and setting me upon a rock: God’s Word, God’s CHARACTER, and God’s Deep and Abiding Love for me.

Next, I told myself to take my time and do things right, the first time. I refused to get in a hurry.

God and Life are NEVER in a hurry. The INSTANT you feel rushed STOP right where you are.

Take a breath. Take a break. Grab a cup of coffee.

THEN, track down the Yikes, the Egads, the hurried feeling. Once you have talked with them and have centered yourself, begin again.

Once I did these things I was able to download my photos from my phone to my laptop. Or so I thought. Ack!!

The folder showed up but was empty. I tried everything. Finally, I remembered that I had to allow my phone to pair with my laptop. All the maneuvering in the world could not rectify my download issues until I ALLOWED these files to be downloaded onto my laptop harddrive.

God, Life, our loved ones all need for us to allow them access: to our heart, to our thoughts, to our hopes/dreams and to our fears.

Don’t allow frustrations or seeming setbacks to keep you from giving access to those who only wish to love and support you.

Allow access.

Be patient with yourself.

Understand God and Life may need to reboot and/or restore things from time to time.

Embrace the icks, yikes, oops, whatevers and keep it moving.

Choose to use EVERY opportunity to grow, to extend your faith, to learn something new or unlearn something old.

EVERY moment is an opportunity. What are you doing with your moments?

As for me, my moments are being used to allow God and Life full access to me.

Keep going,


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