The great chicken and egg debate.


Which to use more of, less of, or not to use at all??

*Cassandra stalks the kitchen in heated debate with herself*

The last batch of chicken salad was FANTASTIC, with the extra boiled eggs.

On the other hand, the batch, before that was outstanding, with a shade or two less boiled eggs in it.

That said, the batch before that was perfectly fine, with NO eggs in it at all.

You were thinking we were gonna chop it up debating which came first, the chicken or the egg, you say?!

Sorry, about that. Great question, though. A question that can be used about all manner of subjects.

I feel like a mother hen, yikes, pun intended, I guess, for this discussion….*embarrassed look*.

Now that I have received so much healing, from yakking with God, with Life, with myself, with family and friends.

Well, I find myself wanting to branch out. I want to try new things. I want to go new places. Before I go, though, I have looked around my apartment, in horror, at what I see.

It looks as if I just moved in! I moved in, officially, September 30th, of 2016. Opps. Yikes. Double Egads. You have to remember, though, this was a super rough period for me. I had two months to find a place to stay, purchase a new car, pack, move to a state I had never lived in, get to working, taking care of a new place in Arkansas, whilst wrapping up old home life in Mississippi, all whilst plastering an ‘all is right with the world look upon my face’.

*sigh*….*Cassandra thinks of all the time wasted hiding behind masks, walls, Superwoman Capes, and all manner of distractions to keep from admitting that Life was kicking her hind end.

It’s now 2021. New way of thinking. New way of doing. New way of LIVING. Free to blog, hands free. Hands are free!!! Yasss!!!

I am no longer limited by how fast my hands can type. I am ONLY limited, now, by my thoughts and they seem endless.

I feel like a mother hen, preparing her place and space for new life, for new opportunity, for new moments. I find myself ready to tear down the sleeping bag covering my window. Don’t judge me, yall. Life was rough, after mom passed away. Found myself not giving two hoots about curtains, making my place a home for mom to see….*sigh*.

Knowing she would never see my home, well, yall I put off making my apartment my home. Felt I would be betraying her if I got on with the business of living.

*Cassandra sees she is STILL allowing herself to be distracted by these words to keep her from writing other words, NEEDED words. I hear you, God. I hear you, Life. I will do the hard things*

I have to digress, just a bit, to talk again, about distraction and how distractions can keep us from living, from growing.

Even when doing good, when being helpful, when loving others. Even in this, distraction(s) can become dangerous/unhelpful. God and Life both have been pestering me to get on and write about the Factory Reset. Those words were needed, to help explain these words. Ah, God, I hear you. Give me the courage/strength to do the hard thing…

Have these changes, happening on the outside/inside, been a product of the changes that God and Life have made, within me?

Chicken or the egg.

Which came first?

Did I decide to get organized, to get my outside matching the healing on the inside, BECAUSE of the changes that God and Life has made, in my insides?

Is the organization a natural progression of it being spring? Is it simply because of being woefully tired of me being tired of old ways of doing or not doing things, of old ways of thinking or not thinking?

Was I, AM I, tired of those old ways of doing, thinking, and being BECAUSE of the change?

Is it because of THEIR effort/time or MINE?



Which came first….hmmm.

Speaking of chicken salad, my friend Howard, had been FOREVER pestering me to try new things, to “get back in the kitchen and cook, Cassandra!”

Good egads and Yikes, the chastising way Howard says my name when I am acting a fool can be scary….*shiver*…sorry, Howard, you were right….*sigh*…gets real annoying when Howard gets to be so darned right.

He shamed me into STOP wasting money on ordering out and get back to cooking for myself, Casssandra!

He demanded I start making new things. Humiliated my spice choices until I was forced. Forced, I tell you!, into buying a variety of spices to add to my food. Don’t tell Howard but… man adding all those spices was sooooooooooooooo tasty!

So, much so, in fact, I began experimenting and adding all kinds of spices to all kinds of food. One morning, I decided, why the world not!

I would be daring! I would be bold! I would shock, shock I tell you, the culinary world, AND Howardby adding something other than Sandwich Spread to my chicken salad!…*incredulous gasp*…dare I do such a thing???

Apparently, I had either seen some law, or made one up, that one could ONLY use Sandwich Spread in chicken salad. No other seasonings or flavors allowed, people. This was just how the sausage, er, chicken salad was made. No deviation. Why? Don’t ask me. I was just dong the thing, not wondering why the world I had to always do the things this same way, EVERY time. Another blog, for another day….

Shut up, Howard! Goodnight the argument we had about THAT particular food/spice choice.

Anywho, daringly, for me, I decided to add a dollup of onion powder, a tad bit of paprika, a dash of pepper and…..hmm. Heaven!! Now, I have ZERO idea what Paprika even tastes like but it sure does add SOMETHING to eggs, don’t it, yall??

Now, I spend a delightful, half hour or so, debating which it shall be: chicken salad with eggs, without eggs, with less eggs, with more eggs. Choices. Choices. Life so full of choices.

Yet, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Remember, you have come too far, to only come this far! It’s time. Time to try new things. Time to go to new places.

Time to try the outrageous thing.

Time to try the scary thing.

Time to try the daunting thing.

Time to add some Paprika into your life. I was going to say time to spice things up. But, that would be too much, even for me. Smh.

God, Life, AND you are working, TOGETHER, for your good. Keep on working with Them. Keep ALLOWING Them to encourage you, challenge you, exhort you, beseech you, entreat you, to keep trying, keep healing, keep organizing, keep on re organizing.

It takes true courage to be willing, yea, to be able, to let go of those things we hold to be comfortable/familiar/accepted. We must be WILLING, to do the hard thing: letting go of habits, people, places and things that are; holding us back, distracting us, keeping us from LIVING.

Enough of being with someone/something just to ‘survive’.

It’s time.

Time to make some new salad.

Time to try some new spices.

Time to put away some things.

If needed, pick up a broom.

If necessary, grab a new spice.

Whatever you do, my friend, LIVE.

I love you.

His and yours,


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