End the day, as you started it.


End the day, as you started it, eh?

That’s an awfully easy command, IF, you started the day WELL. Didja?  Be honest now.

Did you use the early moments for a bit of coffee with God and life? Or, did you decide to go it all alone today?

Often, we end the day frustrated, wondering what happened.

Often, God and life wonders what happened, asking each other what happened to you?

They were waiting for you, you see. They had coffee and a double chocolate chip muffin waiting just for you. They were excited to see what the day would bring for you. They were excited to hear your thoughts. They were anxious to learn of your dreams. They wanted to know if your dreams for your future matche what They had in mind for you.

What choice did you make for yourself today? Did you take a few precious moments to make some beautiful moments? Did you take some quiet time just for you? Did you spend a few quiet moments with someone that you love and care for?

Or, did you lay in bed, dreading the coming day? Did you ponder all the things that could go wrong with the day?

Did you make yourself the hero or the villain in this day? Did you see yourself successful or a failure during this day?

The Bible says, this is the day that the Lord has made. I shall rejoice and be glad in it. Did you rejoice and were glad in this day?

If so, you have done well. It’s time for you to dust the road off your feet, take a seat and enjoy a bit of time with God and Life. Reward yourself with a job well done. You have done your best. You have given your all. You’re all is all that God and Life requires. Take a bow. Take YOUR bow.

It’s not your job to make things grow. So long as you have done your job, God and Life will do theirs. Let them.

As for me, I shall end this day as I started it: loving God and Life, thinking and praying for you, and daydreaming about what tomorrow may bring. Awesome!

Keep standing. Keep on living. Keep trying. Keep reaching out for love. Keep allowing love, Life and God to reach out to you. Keep believing in you.

Refuse to give up on yourself. Refuse to give up on the people that you love. Refuse to allow negative words to change or alter your day.

Always remember: you are loved, you are seen, and you are enough…PERIOD

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