Double chocolate chip muffins with The King Part II.

6:30 am pecked me on the forehead and offered me a moment. Asked me if I would like to spend a delightful little while with Life and The King.


Yesterday HAD been, well yesterday. Exhausting. Shall I restart yesterday or go for the delay and a power nap?

Will letcha know what I chose when I wake from my nap.🀣

*Cassandra heads for coffee and muffins with Life and God*

Can’t wait to yak at them both. Today is a new day. I CHOOSE to spend it looking for every chance I can find to love and be loved.

Let’s do this, yall. We got this. God and Life has got us. How much more blessed can we be?

Ready. Set. LIVE!πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ

Jaybird AMAZED

It’s the smallest choices that can make the biggest differences. Choose to give Life and God a bit of a moment before you rush out. Be sure to take them with you. A half hour, of time with Them, now, may save you a million headaches and heartaches and heartbreaks and heartburn, later.😎😁

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