Double chocolate chip muffins with The King.

Today was…egads today just WAS! You know?

All I wanted was to dive in bed and tell the entire world where to go and what all they could do when they arrived.

Yet, in leaning heavily upon God’s Word and His Deep and Abiding Love for me, I was able to reflect upon HIS Character, and not my soul-crushing fatigue.

The bible says that God’s yoke is easy, that His burden is light, as we LEARN of Him.

I thought of His Steadiness, as the storm raged.

I thought of His Goodness, when folks dismissed His Love and care. STILL, God loves.

I thought of His Grace, as people lashed out at Him through fear and doubt.

I thought of all these things and CHOSE to walk as He: I kept my needs quiet and extended care to others. I extended grace to those who were exhausted. I extended kindness to those who needed a kind word.

I did those things and had so much peace, joy and love left over that I decided to extend all those things to Him.

I made a bit of coffee, grabbed a double chocolate chip muffin and shared them with The King.

When work/life/situations have done their level best to get you off level, don’t fret. If you have done your all, be content.

Time to rest, beloved. Make a bit of coffee, snatch up the last double chocolate chip muffin and have a laugh with The King. He is waiting.



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