Embrace the Yikes and Egads.

I have been wanting to go for a long drive forever. Have been shut up and shut in for a year. A year and a half, in fact having started working from home October of 2019.

Working from home is fantastic. That said, working from home can make you lazy, if you let it. Everything is so CONVENIENT!

Anywho, I finally peel myself from my safe space and venture out.

Yikes! 😱 Did people ALWAYS drive this fast!?

Egads! Were these trucks ALWAYS this big and did they ALWAYS drive so close?!!

I don’t know which was going faster: my heart or those humungous, close driving trucks. Yikes. Egads.

I must confess to a bit of nervousness. Okay, spilling the tea, was nervous enough I initially forgot to stand. Flung myself in God’s Arms by blasting some fantastic praise music. Dad inhabits the praises of His Peeps dontchaknow?!

Yasss! πŸ’ƒπŸ˜Ž!!

I began wailing at the top of my lungs. Got to car dancing and rocking my ride…πŸš—. Rocking and wailing. Jamming with God and Life who got to jamming with me. I forgot to be nervous of them giant trucks. Forgot I had not done this in a while.

I turned my focus on being in the moment, in LIVING in the moment. Living, walking straight. Loving me some Him. Allowing Him to love some me.

Folks tend to run away from yikes and egads. They can feel icky. Okay they feel icky. Yet, if faced, acknowledged and processed can lead to AWESOME adventure/change/growth.

When life begins to happen and you get to feeling yikes and egads, don’t run. Sit with them. Poke them and prod them to shake what feelings they hold. They are trying to tell you something. Listen to them.

They may be telling you to go another way. They may be advising you to stay right where you are.

They may be encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things.

They may be letting you know you need to get some act right for something you have said, done, have not said or have not done.

Embrace the yikes and egads. They are your friends. They are there for your growth.

Right now, I sit in the car still, waiting for my heart to stop racing. It races now in the excitement of an adventure lived, in the moment.

Yikes. Egads. Awesome. 😎


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Yikes and Egads.

  1. Oof…if this ain’t the truth. You’re thoughts are so true… So much within transition …it’s scary, it hurts it’s all so unknown… But it’s for a reason…there is something for me to learn within this moment of transition. Whatever it is, it’s something I need for what’s to come in life… I needed this reminder. β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


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