Beloved, it’s time.

Beloved, it’s time. Time for you to understand you have done your best. Rest and be encouraged. Life has been tough and has exacted quite the price from you.

It’s okay to take a breath. Okay to look around and wonder how you made it this far. It’s even okay to wonder if you will make it these next miles.

You CAN. You WILL.

Until you do, I got you. God and Life has you. How much safer/loved can you be?

It’s going to be okay. I promise it will. Rest now.

There were days where I honestly had no idea if I would stand and fight or give up completely.

There were many, many days when I had no clue where strength would come from. I tried to lift myself by the bootstraps. Life just booted me in the rear.

It was ONLY by letting go of…keeping it real, of the fear that God, that Life, that others would not have my back was I able to lean upon them, cry, wobble, cry some more, wobble some more, that I began the slow walk towards peace and healing.

Beloved, aren’t you tired of hiding, of fighting, alone? Those silent tears MUST be getting awfully heavy by now.

Aren’t you tired of fighting the darkness, the dawn, alone?

Know ye not that you are NOT alone? That God, that Life, weep seeing your silent struggles? They shout, from the heavens “You are not, alone. We are here. For you. FOR you”.

Let them in. Let folk care. FOR you. For YOU. You care for the world. All while bleeding deep inside.

The wounds WILL heal, beloved. As you continue to realize your worth, drop the mask, let loose of your cape, lower the moat and open your heart towards love and healing.

I shall live the rest of my days kicking down walls, scaling moats, snatching capes and loving as many of my sisters, my brothers and others who will allow.

It’s time, beloved. Long past time for your healing. If you are hurting and don’t know what to do, it’s okay. It truly is.

If you are hurting and just too darned tired of hurting and just want the hurt to not hurt anymore, it’s okay. It is.

If you are too angry, too confused, too whatever to reach out to God, to Life, to those who care for you, it’s okay. It really is.

If you are alone with no posse, no friends, no job etc, it’s okay.

I love and care for you. I will stand for you until you are able. I stand until you are ready.

Father, I pray for every person in need, this day. I pray for their hearts. I ask that You visit each and every hurting soul. I ask that You heal. I ask that You show Your Love for them in such a profound way they will NEVER doubt they are loved. Father, I ask that You show them Yourself with a crooked crown. In order that they may see Your Great Love for them and not see You as a Task Master. Dad, I ask that You stretch Your Arms wide and love those who feel unworthy. I ask for Your Grace, Your Comfort, and for Your Deep and Abiding Love to touch in such a way each heart reading these words will KNOW it was just for them. Finally, Father, I want to thank You, in advance, of working in folks hearts. I rejoice, NOW, knowing the healing is ALREADY taking place in the hearts, minds, and souls of all. Thank You for loving us, for loving ME. These things I ask, in Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

Receive these words, beloved. Receive this prayer.

Standing for all those too weary to stand,


I love you.

2 thoughts on “Beloved, it’s time.

  1. Thank you for praying and fighting for those who do not feel they have the strength to do so for themselves. I am there. I am they…. I am thankful for these words today.


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