The Key.

A very important lesson has been learned today.

A lesson learned, by me.

This lesson, God and Life’s Lesson, played out for, by, and with me.

With me, in mind.

The lesson begins,

as all lessons do,

with a question.

With THE question.

I asked God and Life: is THE question meant for me, or for You?

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

Once said, these words, set off a fire.

This fire started, from deep within.

An answer, now needed.

A journey, started.

God and Life’s journey, for sure.

By one, in need of answers.

By one, in search of why:

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

God and Life bid me to come with them, so go with them, I did.

This is what God and Life showed me:

God led me, to His workshop. Such an ordinary space, in the midst of grandness. Yet, the space did not call to me. The piano did:

A wonderous piano,

built by God’s Own Hands.

Each line had been sanded, pure.

Every piece of wood, hand-crafted.

Painstakingly made, by God’s Own Hands.

In awe,

I placed my hand upon such priceless wood.

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

Question, still burning, Life led me, to His workshop. What an awesome space, in the midst of ordinariness.

The space, called to me:

A wonderous place,

built by Life’s Own Hands.

Every piece of wood, hand-crafted.

Painstakingly made, by Life’s Own Hands.

As I looked upon this wonderous place, the room began to fill.

Fill with countless souls,

waiting for the Maestro to answer these same questions:

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

As row, upon row, upon row, upon row, began to fill, I began to wonder:

“Why are they here?”

They are here to hear The Maestro, both God and Life declared. The answers, to their questions lie here.

Underneath the fingers of The Maestro, the answers to their questions, to your questions, remain:

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

The Maestro called for His piano, asked quietly for His Black Tuxedo. The Black Tuxedo is worn, to keep the music the focus, both God and Life, said.

It’s ALL about the music, for the audience.

This is why they had come.

Come, to find the answers.

Answers, to the very same questions, I had:

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

Piano finally wheeled out, Life turned, held open the Black Tuxedo for The Maestro, to adorn.

God turned, and received said Jacket, made for HIS broad shoulders, to bare. God, The Maestro, regally donned His Tuxedo, sat upon the piano bench shaped by His very hands.

Quietly, removing His Crown, God made ready to play for the masses, set down before.

Millions, upon millions, strained to hear God’s Chords.

Each person, breathlessly waiting,

to hear The Maestro’s song.

All of Heaven; breathless.

All of Earth, stood still.


to hear,

the answers,

to questions, raging still:

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

I, too, waited.

Waited, breathlessly: to hear answers to the questions posed, those answers awaiting me.

The Maestro and Life, turned and looked at me. Looked at me, and said:

The music can not start, the answers could not be revealed. Each were waiting for, the missing piece. The Maestro’s song could not be played as something was still missing, the most needed key.

Bidding me come closer, both The Maestro and Life, called out to me. Hesitantly, I crossed the stage, attempting to hide. I did not wish to be a distraction, just wanted a seat, inside. My only desire, to hear the song all of Heaven and Earth waited for.

Looking over the shoulders of The Maestro and Life, I saw what was needed.

Finally, I understood.

Who, I was.

What, my life, was for.

For, there, among God’s keyboard, a key was missing, still.

God’s song, could not be played, without that missing key.

Turns out, that missing key, was me.

Feeling unneeded, from all the others, I had hopped down from God’s piano, and went in search of me.

God had never used me.

My key, had never been pressed

My note had never played.

My sound, unheard.

Unneeded, I thought, for sure.

I rejoiced for other keys, keys chosen and played, instead. Happy for each wonderous note, each keystroke, shared. I pondered, how those keys, must feel. Those keys, greatly needed, played and shared. I wondered, the joy those keys MUST have felt. They, had been chosen, by The Maestro, their call, in life, fulfilled.

I was never jealous, for keys chosen over me. I was happy, knowing, they were serving God’s purpose. This, their lives, were made for. Yet, I had longed a turn, a turn not meant for me, it seemed.

Thinking me, in the way, I bolted, for the door. Ran, to gain the knowledge, to the questions, I had posed. I could not remain, in silence, unused, like all those years, before. I could no longer, bear my silence, a silent voice, longing, to be heard.

I longed to comfort, needed to be received and shared.

Taking my rightful place, once more, I waited, with Heaven, with Earth, with Life, to hear The Maestro’s songs. The first note struck, was not sounded from my key. Which key, was of no import, the point, all keys played, in unison for all.

God played, for all that He was worth. The Maestro filled all of Heaven, filled all the Earth, with songs long needed, songs of healing, birthed. There were songs, of love. Songs, of laughter. Songs, long needed, to be repeated long after.

God filled each heart, with songs meant to free. God gave each one, His Love, His Blessing, His song within each heart, instilled. God played, til place did empty, He played, til Heaven departed. He played, til Earth quieted inside.

Removing The Maestro’s Tuxedo, Life replaced God’s Crown, instead. Both God and Life beconned me. This is what they said:

“The reason you were never, beconned, the reason, you were never played, was to get you to this day.

This day, meant, not just for you. This day, also, for the world.

This day, prepared, long before you were born.

This day, to comfort a world, in need of healing, in need of being free.

You need to know the point of the song, the point of the call, was never the key.

The key, is the vehicle, meant to carry the song.

Each note, needed WHEN needed, to be the one.

The one to help, the song, to do it’s thing.

For, it’s not about the key, though song can’t sing without the keys.

Each key, responsible, for it’s own note.

Each note, knit together, in harmony, builds the songs.

Songs of healing, songs of comfort, songs of victory.

All I need, is for you, to be the key and help Me fill the need”

“Who am I?”

“What of my life?”

“What is this, MY life, ever for?”

Some days, I am the most important key, in one of God and Life’s songs.

Other days, I am just a key, waiting to be played.

Either way, it does not matter, whether THE key, or a key, the songs of life, can never be played, without me.

Contented, I await the call. Til then, I wait, silently, cheering on other keys, just as I did before.

“Who am I?”. “What of my life?”. “What is this, MY life, ever for?”. Your questions, these questions, can only be answered by God and by Life. Ask them, of God. Ask them, of Life. The Maestro shall show up, for you, as He did, for me, God’s key.

What shall your answers be? Only God knows, and He is not telling…

His servant and your friend,


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