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Not today, satan!!

When it seems as if you have been knocked out, you are down for the count, and you don’t know if you can or will recover…

If you are still on the ground, roll over on your back, and let the enemy know “not today, satan!!”

No giving up, folk. I don’t care what you are going through. You do NOT get to throw in the towel and quit.

If you think Life trying to knock your head off, tell Life “not today, homie!”

I shall NOT quit today. I shall NOT give up on me.

I SHALL trust God. I SHALL trust my efforts.

I REFUSE to let satan, Life, whatever or whoever, to see me sweat.

I SHALL overcome. So shall you. As you keep standing, as you keep fighting.

I don’t care if you have to rest. Rest, don’t quit.

Crawl, but you better NOT quit.

Seems like we can hang on for other folks needs and dreams but can find an excuse, right quick,when it comes to our needs and dreams.

Keep using those faith muscles! Life and God believe in you not to forever be running to your rescue.

Get back up and get back in the fight. I don’t care how hard it seems. I don’t give two hoots how much keeping on hurts.

Keep going!!!!

I kick my own hind end, first. Yours is next.

Life and God NEVER promised us a pain free or easy life. STOP looking for one, crying for one, waiting for one.

Life and God is waiting for us. This world needs us.

Get up, now. Yea, this hurts. Yes, this is hard. Yes, this is exhausting. Yea, it seems like this trial is taking forever.

So, what? Get a goin. We got dreams to fulfill, love to make and have.

going with you,


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