Tell FEAR to kick rocks Part II: Don’t give up. Surrender!

Don’t give up.

Surrender, instead.

Don’t ever give up.

Instead, surrender…

I loved taking long road trips, with dad. He became a Superman, to me, during those times. There was no danger, he could not master. There was no circumstance, he could not drive us through. I trusted dad, completely, when he was under the wheel.

He was sooooooooooooooo sure, of himself. He knew that he was master of the road. He knew that where he meant for us to go, well, we were going to get there. Safely. We were going to make it. I don’t know why I had such utter confidence that we would make it to our destination.

Maybe, it was watching him in action: eyes focused, intent, taking no prisoners as we raced up and down the highway. Yea, I know, I was seeing, through the eyes of a child. I was trusting, with a child’s heart.

As children, we never worried about ‘getting there’. We piled, into the car, anxious just to ‘get there’. We didn’t give a second’s thought about ‘getting there’. We didn’t concern ourselves with possible/potential accidents. We gave nary a thought to the cost of the journey. Cared not one whit about who would pay for meals and snacks.

We never fretted about running out of gas, gave not the first thought to a breakdown. The thought never crossed our minds to be fearful. Of ANYTHING!

And, with complete faith, in total confidence, we surrendered our safety and care, into dad’s hands, and let him do all the dad-stuff, like driving, whilst we did the kid-stuff, like driving dad crazy forever asking ‘are we there yet?!’…sorry dad.

I loved laying, in the backseat, book in hand, while dad did his thing. The car would rock and shake, often from the big rigs running the road. I wasn’t afraid, when the whoosh of the wind, buffeted and shook the car. I didn’t even look up. I KNEW dad had the wheel. I was safe. In fact, I enjoyed the rush of the wind, the rocking of the car, the steadiness of dad’s hands on that steering wheel. He was rock steady. He ALWAYS kept us, riding, between the yellow lines. Always…..thanks dad.

Even when I grew older, even after learning how to drive, of being trusted to drive, I loved being a passenger, with dad, during those long road trips. He was the most dad to me, then. He always drove with such confidence, with such care. I felt completely and utterly cared for. Yea, yall, I felt LOVED during those times. Like nothing could or would ever hurt me. Felt that way, as I child, riding with him. Felt that way, as a teenager, riding with him. Feel that way, still, as an adult, just thinking of my dad, behind the wheel….*sigh*.

It was easy, for me to surrender, to dad’s driving, as I saw his driving, from HIS perspective, from HIS strength, from HIS prowess, from HIS knowledge. It was so easy to surrender, then. There was no FEAR there. Looking, from dad’s perspective, there WAS NOTHING TO FEAR!

It was only after I grew up, only after I learned what driving entailed, did FEAR begin to creep in. Suddenly, it seemed like dangers were everywhere. I began to see things from MY limited perspective, not dad’s. I began to question myself: could I stay between the yellow lines, could I get us ‘there’, without getting us lost, what would happen if the car broke down?

I took my focus, off the road ahead, and worried about traffic jams, road construction, other drivers. I fretted, about rain, during a sunny day. I prayed that the rain would not come. Yea, I admit to doing these things, as a new driver. Good yikes, a new driver!…*shiver*.

Eventually, I learned to trust in dad’s faith, in me, to see things, through HIS faith, in me. In so doing, I was able to surrender and trust, in ME. I did not give in, to the temptation, to wanting dad to ‘take over’. It took such a long time to learn NOT to give up. To NOT, doubt myself or my abilities.

You see, wanting to give up was ALL about FEAR. Giving up had ZERO to do with SURRENDER.

Giving up says ‘FEAR, you win. I can’t do this.

I won’t make it, to the end of the journey.

I am going to get us lost.

I am going to cause an accident.

I am going to wreck this vehicle’. I am afraid. I am alone.

Surrendering says ‘FEAR, you are a liar! Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

I CAN make it there. Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

I WILL make it there! Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

Just as dad, Dad and Life has taught me! I will make it! HA! Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

I will have love. I will BE loved. By God. By Life. By those that God and Life has and will put in my life, to love me and be loved by ME! Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

Giving up causes us to ball up our fists, in FEAR, towards Life and God. We are AFRAID of them: we are afraid to trust Them at Their word, we are terrified They will abandon us, we are skeptical of the people that God and Life, steer our way, to love us. Yea, when we give up, yall, we are not giving up on God. We are not giving up, on Life. The sad and hard truth, to own, to acknowledge, is that we actually give up, on ourselves. NOTHING breaks God and Life’s hearts more, than when we give up, on ourselves.

God and Life can live with us giving up on, Them. They can take it. It wounds them, when we wound ourselves, by giving up, on ourselves, on our dreams.

Surrendering, on the other hands, requires us to reach out, to extend outstretched arms. Yes, we fling our hands up, in surrender, KNOWING we will be sheltered, loved, cared for. Ah! Nothing like surrender, to set a soul free.

Speaking the TRUTH, chases out FEAR. FEAR is desperate for us to continue to give up, on ourselves, on our dreams, on those who want so desperately to love and care for us. FEAR needs for us to give up. FEAR can ONLY win, as we listen to it’s lies that we won’t make it, that there is not enough inside of us, to ‘get there’.

God and Life has always been in an eternal war, with FEAR, to win our hearts. Each side knows that FREEDOM lies in SURRENDER. While, bondage lies in GIVING UP.

It’s time, beloved. Time to tell FEAR to kick rocks!

Uncurl those fists, beloved. You do NOT have to be afraid. You WILL make it there. You WILL have love. You WILL be loved, by those that God and Life has and will send your way, to love you for the rest of your days. FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS, BELOVED! Go kick some rocks, FEAR. You do NOT scare me!

Dad(God) is behind the wheel. TRUST Him. Trust IN Him. He has got you, beloved. You are safe, now. Fear not.

It’s time, beloved. Time to SURRENDER. Time to trust YOU. Time to trust IN you. Trust in the gifts that God and Life has so patiently given and taught you how to use. You can do this. You CAN. You WILL.

Find the courage, within you, to choose to see God and Life through THEIR perspective. Not, by your limited view(s). For, your view, up to now, has been clouded by FEAR: of what could happen, of what might not happen, of what you can’t be or can’t have or won’t find or won’t get.

Don’t give up. Surrender. I DARE you, beloved, to summon the courage to tell FEAR to go kick some rocks! You do NOT scare me!

I go first. I surrender. I will NOT fear. FEAR, go kick some rocks! You do NOT scare me!

cheering you on as you surrender,


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