“I’ll talk to you on Tuesday”

“I’ll talk to you on Tuesday”

Six of the most beautiful words on earth, to this NFL fan.

The playoffs start this weekend.



Every year, I look forward to the playoffs. I let everyone know not to call me. Tell them please do NOT have an emergency, of any sort. I advise don’t even think about chatting with me during the weekend. It’s the playoffs, homies and homettes!!

Last night, I was talking to my twin…..*delicious shiver*. We had reconnected. Life or…..hmm….not sure what the or was. Anywho, life had taken us in other directions and we had not talked in ages. Now that we had reconnected, I looked forward to seeing her name light up my phone. We would make virtual coffee dates and yak endlessly on the phone about…..hmm…..everything and absolutely nothing!…*delicious shiver*.

Now, I don’t know what the most satisfying part of our calls are: the preparatory coffee readying and subsequent drinking of said coffee, the actual conversation, or the planning of the next call. Love the planning!….*delicious shiver*…..*hugs self*.

Sipping on the last of the coffee, we would decide whose turn it was to call next and what time. While I was thinking of whose turn it was, let alone what time the one would call the other, the exciting, yet, horrifying thought came to mind ‘the playoffs start tomorrow’. THE PLAYOFF STARTS TOMORROW!!

Hhmm…..*Cassandra frantically scrambles to find a chat time SOMEWHERE in the weekend…..hmm…

Pregame? Nope, have gotsa watch all the pregame! Need to know, yall, who is in, who is out. Need desperately to know which pundit was choosing which team. Yea, I need ot know these things, people. So, I can go back and laugh and sadly shake my head at the ones who didn’t get the right team right!

During the game? DURING THE GAME!!!?…*outraged gasp*….*Cassandra laughs mockingly at the poor soul who would even dare think she could be torn away during the game*. Even Jesus knows to bring the popcorn and hang out with me, during games. Yassssssssss, Jesus, the game starts tomorrow! Tell mom to bring the popcorn when yall come! Can’t wait to argue with mom on EVERY important play, during the game. Miss you mom….*sigh*….*hugs self*.

Postgame? Preposterous! I MUST watch every highlight, scream at the tv, over every ridiculous ref call that may, or may not have, cost my team the game. Yall cheated! YAY, yall FINALLY called a game right!….*delicious shiver*.

Okay, how about a sneak call on Sunday?….that’s a no go. It’s rinse and repeat on Sunday. How about Monday? That might work. Normally, though, I need Monday to sleep all day so I can get ready for work come Tuesday morning. Yea, Monday works! I can fit her in on Monday! Whew…*guilty sigh*….*hugs self*.

By that time, I was feeling a tiny bit bad. I enjoyed our daily yaks. Looked forward to them. Weighed my love a good yak with sis, with the love of NFL playoffs. Hhm……had to admit NFL playoff trumps a good yak. For diehard NFL fans there IS no good time, during the weekends, for a good yak. We don’t DO yaks on playoff weekends!…..*gasp*. Don’t even talk to us about anything during playoff weekends. Not even about the game. Nope. Hit me up, during the week.

Loving my sis, I tried to come up with a discreet, I love ya but can’t talk until Monday speech. I was giving up my Monday, my rest day, you see, to yak with her. I had to make up for needing the weekend, to myself. I did not want her to think that she wasn’t important. I did not want her to think NFL football was more important than our talks. They really weren’t. If she needed to talk, would gladly turn off the game and talk. Yak, no. Talk, of course.

I let sis know it was her turn to call. She knows I love football so I knew she would be okay waiting, until Monday, for our yak. I asked her what time she would be calling on Monday.

She let me know that she would not be calling on Monday. She said, “I’ll call you, on Tuesday. Monday, is your day of rest”. She proceeded to let me know she had already factored my NFL love into our calling equation. She had already factored in, my Monday rest day. She wanted me to enjoy my weekend. In fact, she was looking forward to a weekend to herself, also…..hahahahaha…..*delicious shiver*.

Here I was, worrying about not hurting feelings, of figuring out when/how to arrange our yak time, when sis already had things situated. She loved me, had taken my love of football, into account and made room for me and what I enjoyed. Awesome!

it’s okay to take some Me time, yall. In fact, it’s necessary. You can’t give to the world, if your bucket is empty from forever working, forever trying, forever striving. It has been a really long week. A super long month, which has barely started. I’m glad I had the nerve to be honest with sis, to be honest with me, and admit I needed my NFL playoff weekend. I needed to get off the Merry Go Round, of life, and just breathe, for the weekend….*takes satisfying breath*…..*delicious shiver*.

I had one last cup of coffee and convo with sis, let her know phone was going off, blogging was going off, snacks were being prepared and……”I’ll talk to you on Tuesday”…..yaasssssssssssssssssss!

Be sure to take some YOU time. Don’t be afraid, to talk to your fam/friends, and let them know you need a bit of a life break. They will understand. Go ahead and get off the Merry Go Round, of life, and do something just for you. Or, do absolutely nothing, just for you. Just do YOU. For a little while or forever how long you need, to get refreshed.

You can’t give the world what you don’t have. If you are on empty due to life or work or….you fill in the blank, it is necessary to pull into the nearest station, for a fill up.

Let God and Life, fill you, again, so that you can get back out there and love on folks. Take some time and love you, first. You have to fill you, first, in order to be able to fill others.

What is your Tuesday moment? Okay, um, I’ma gonna need you to tell me all about it on Tuesday! It’s NFL playoff time. YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!…..*Cassandra shuts down the phone and head for some snacks*….enjoy your weekend and tell me all about it on Tuesday.

loving folks but kicking them to the curb for the weekend,


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