When life hands you lemons, try asking for some grapes.

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, years where it seemed as if all your efforts have gone in vain?

Have you ever wondered what in the world did you start this or do that, in the first place?

Have you ever wanted to run away from home, tired of forever having to take the ‘high road’, to keep on keeping on, to keep doing the thing, praying the prayer, working the thing and NOTHING IS CHANGING!!!!!! Ack. Egads. Whew.

I have had one of those days. Okay, one of those weeks. In fact, week one of 2021 has began with the SAME fighting for things, about things, with things, in order to stay positive and on track.

I kept pushing the SAME boulders up the SAME impossible hills, watched those boulders slide right back down to the bottom!

What. What! What???!

I would stomp back down, to the bottom of the hill. I would, look up, from the bottom of the hill, thinking, good egads this sure is a big old hill.

God AND Life, would get on my last nerves, yall, to get them boulders and get to pushing them back up the hill. They cheer me on, tell me that I have ‘got this’ and to keep going.

I look at the same dumb boulders, peer suspiciously, and tiredly, mind you, up the big blasted hill and begin again……get most of the way up and…..dumb rock!!

Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Pushing one dream up the hill, only to see it tumble down. Drag one fervent prayer, up the stupid hill, only to watch it slide silently by.

What. What!!?

Late one night, I was tired. Just tired. Not of fighting. Okay, slightly, of fighting. I was just tired of….hmm….found I was just tired.

Told God AND Life that I was tired. I wasn’t giving up. I was just TIRED: of fighting the same fights, of taking the high road, of trying to look at life through God and Life’s perspective and not by my tiny view.

God and Life told me this is all part of the journey. All of it. This is just how the sausage gets made. We try. We try. We try. We….good yikes, try some more. Until, we grow tired.

The trick is in what we do when we get tired. What do we DO with the tired…hmm….aha!

Yea, God and Life. Yall aint slick. I see your silent messages you have been trying to send, to get me to understand what to DO with the tired, when I am tired.

I told God and Life that I was tired. They asked me ‘well, whatcha want to do about being tired? Whatcha going to DO with the tired?’

I thought about it and wanted nothing more than to take an evening to rest. To take an evening, for ME, to rest. Just to rest. No trying. No praying. No saying. ALL I wanted was to have a glass of chocolate milk and eat some Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles that were FINALLY back in stock.

God and Life asked me why, then, had I not just taken an evening to rest and enjoy some chips and chocolate milk? What would happen when I rested? Would the world end? Would the thing never get done? Did ALL of life rest on me not resting?

Hmmm….okay, so I guess they won’t. I argued, just a tad, that I had been making lemonade out of all these lemons life had been handing me.

God let me know He actually did have everything covered. He just needed my willingness to try. He would do the rest. He suggested that I take a day of rest, that I ask life for grapes, instead. The thing will get done, the dream will be had or something else had in it’s place.

So, I took His advice. Shut down the brain. Fired up the Hulu. Snatched some chips and chocolate milk and let the world have it’s way. For a while. Life could make the lemonade. As for me and my house, we havin’ grapes today yall.

Be at peace. When you are tired, rest. At ALL times, be encouraged.

chilling with you whilst having these grapes,


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