The present IS the present!

I was looking for a miracle. Looking for things to change, for a change. Got tired of walking around the same mountains and decided to ask God and Life for a miracle.

God and Life answered, by giving me another day. I used the day, the WHOLE day, waiting for a miracle. I grew impatient, looking, listening, waiting. I tried waiting PATIENTLY, as the bible always says. Yea, tried to wait, patiently. Nothing happened that day…*sigh*. Try again, tomorrow, God and Life said to me.

I jumped, out of bed, anxious to finally have my miracle! Maybe, maybe, o, maybe, my miracle would arrive, today!!!

I asked God and Life for a miracle, asked them both, for a change. God and Life answered, by giving me another day.

Another day!…*pout*…..

What am I going to do with another day, of waiting, of wondering, of trying to be patient, for my miracle to arrive…*sigh*.

I spent that next day, the WHOLE day, trying to figure out what I would do, whilst waiting for my miracle. Waiting was getting awfully frustrating! Too frustrating to do something. Frustrated, and unable to do a thing, I sat, silently waiting, loudly huffing and puffing, feigning grace and patience, waiting for my blasted miracle to arrive, already!! Where are you, miracle?!

Trying NOT to blame God and Life, for getting me all fired up, for the miracle that never seems to come, I decide to give them one more chance.

God and Life answered, by giving me another day. Being tired, of just waiting around, I decided to use a few hours to try my hands at something. I was tired of focusing on me, focusing on the ‘miracle’, I was desperate for.

If I was forced to be honest, well, to be honest, I had forgotten what the miracle was even supposed to be. Just needed a change, in my life. Just needed a miracle: something fantastic, outside my reach, beyond my comprehension, that would change my perceptions, thereby changing my circumstances, which would change my life. I guess I was waiting for a miracle, to change my life.

Being tired of worrying about a miracle, I mean, being tired of waiting, for a miracle, I decided to help a person or two. Helping them, felt good. Seemed to help me. Helped me to look outside myself and into the life of another, of others.

Doing this, well, it changed my perceptions. My changed perceptions made me want to use another few hours to try other things, to help other folks. Spent the next few hours, helping, caring, loving, sharing. I forgot to worry, about that miracle. I was having too much fun, you see. And, in helping, those others, they began, to help me, and began to change my circumstances, which began to change my life.

By the end of the day, the miracle had not arrived. I found myself smiling, anyway. I had enjoyed those moments, those hours, THAT DAY. I enjoyed loving and being loved, rejoiced in helping and being helped, in being me and allowing others to see deep inside of me. What a wonderful day.

Preparing to retire, I decided to go back and thank God and Life. Even if they had not given me, my miracle, I wanted to thank them, anyway. I had had an awesome day, and my mama always told us to give folks their flowers, while they are living. Meaning, if someone has done something, tell them about it and tell them why you appreciated it or them.

I pull God and Life aside and thank them, for giving me the day. I let them know that even though I never received my miracle, I enjoyed the day they gave. I lived much. I loved much. I enjoyed every second of every moment, of the day.

I was not concerned, about tomorrow. I could have cared less, about the day before. I just enjoyed the day. 

Being, in the present.

Loving, in the present.

Living, in the present.

Giving, in the present.

Doing those things, only those things, changed my perceptions. I forgot to worry about what would come next, what I would do next, what I would BE next. I forgot to wonder what God and Life would think of me and my efforts. I stayed, in the present, and let God and Life have their way.

Doing those things, changed my circumstances. By looking, outside myself, and into the hearts and lives of others, I was able to give and receive love. And, that….yall that changed my life. Forever.

I had found, forever, in a day, not worrying about a miracle to come. I had found, forever, in caring for others, in allowing others to care for me. I forgot to wonder if that loved would be returned to me, forgot to wonder what God and Life would think of my efforts. I stayed, in the present, and let God and Life have their way.

As the sun, gave it’s final wave, to the day, I looked around, in awe, of the new life I had been given. All because I had made the choice, to take the day that God and Life, had given me, and used it, for good, to love and be loved, to give and receive, to hope and bestow hope towards others.

God and Life HAD given me, my miracle. They had given me a present, THE present, which was wrapped in something awesome, called a day.

The PRESENT is the present!! Each day, a gift. To be used, at your whim.

Every second, of every hour, of every day, is yours to use, as you will. Yet, we know not how many hours we have remaining, in our day, in our days.

What will you do with your day? Rather, what will you do with your MIRACLE?

None of us knows what our present, The Present, will contain. Like a gift, wrapped up just waiting to astonish us, God and Life has given us the day: to enjoy, to use for good, to love in, to be loved in.

I’m sure that it grieves God and Life, terribly, when we look upon our day with regret, with regret, with disdain, thinking of all the bad, awful, frustrating and endless things we think can or may happen, in the day.

We forget about the beauty, about the wonder, in what a day can bring and hold.

We forget about the day we found true joy or peace. We forget about the moments that changed our lives and the lives of others, for the better. We forget about all the moments we roared with laughter, cried in the arms of a loved one, fell in love, fell out of love.

We focus on the tough days. We dread the upcoming days. Forgetting that often, those dreaded days, those tough days, were really not all that tough. The upcoming day actually turned out pretty grand. Yea, we tend to forget that.

The only regret I have now….

You know what, I am NOT going to waste another moment, of another day, regretting this or that. Dreading this or that. I am going to spend my moments, hoping they add up to a full day, and love as hard and as long as I can. I plan on making many more ‘miracles’, with my day.

What will you do with your present? Will you live in the present? Will you BE present?

Being present, in the present, is all that God and Life asks of us.

The next time you ask God and Life, for a miracle, look around. It is already here. It’s part of your today. Get on out there and make some miracles. BE a miracle, in someone’s life.

Somebody needs YOUR love, today. Someone needs YOUR care, today. Some folk needs YOUR words, today. Keep going. I go with you. I love you, world. You don’t have to love me back. Would be nice, if you do. You get my love, anyway.

love Jesus’ best friend,



2 thoughts on “The present IS the present!

  1. Cassandra, you are my daily miracle. Your strength and kindness are my strength and ultimately my kindness. Thank you for “adopting” me. My ability to “do me”, unapologetically, is because of you.


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