Stop digging up your seeds!

Have you done your best?

Have you given your all?

Have you done the thing with the best of intentions?


You HAVE done your best, given your all, and done the thing with the best of intentions, at heart.

This is ALL that God and Life requires. Give yourself a break. Let God and Life do THEIR thing, as you have done your part. Stop digging up your seeds, trying to see if the thing is growing yet. How can they if we are forever getting in God and Life’ way?

It may not be for you to see the outcome, of whatever you have been asked to do. You may not be the one to see the thing accomplished, the person helped, the battle won.

You may have been the catalyst, the helper, the ender of the thing. It may not be your place to know.

God and Life asks for us just to do the thing, to love one another, to care about this or that. It’s not up to us to ensure the message is received, the love is returned, the job gets done.

ALL that is required is that we are available: to love, to care, to do, to share, to commiserate, to hug, to cry, to laugh, to……you get my point.

It’s enough, beloved. STOP beating yourself up for not being where you think you should be. STOP fighting with yourself over what you don’t yet have. STOP giving yourself a hard time for not knowing the right words to say at the right time. Or, for saying the wrong ones. You HAVE done your best. You are trying.

Please note, I have said these words to myself, first, and have passed on the savings to you.

It is ENOUGH, yall. We are doing our best. The trick is to keep on going, to keep on doing, to keep on loving, to keep on striving. Even when we don’t feel our best. ESPECIALLY when we are not feeling our best or hearing well or…..good yikes, there are so many what ifs and how comes. Don’t worry about those.

The only thing you have to do is to cut yourself a bit of slack.




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