Calling for the others.

I am but one, Lord. How can one, change things, I asked of He.

Said to me, yes thou may be but one, but one can turn into another. And, another can turn into others.

And, those others, can turn to another, or others and turn into many, many, many others.

One, becomes two. Two can begat two others. Two others can birth ten others. Ten others can find fifty others. Fifty others can find one thousand others.

And THOSE can become THEM, said He, to me.

Turning in the direction of His pointed finger, I was amazed!

There were millions! Tens of millions, of others, walking in the same direction. Walking arm and arm, in love, looking for others. Always looking for others.

Others to love. Others to support. Others to care for. Others to exhort. Others to fight for. Others to stand with.

Tens upon millions, of others. There for one another. Looking for the one other.

I am but one, praying for, waiting for my others. Are you one of my others? Others are waiting for you. Waiting for you and I to join forces and go get others.

Calling for the others. Our country needs ALL the others. Our families needs the others. WE, ourselves, need the others.

Hurry. None of us will make it without you. You won’t make it without us. We all we got, yet we are all we need so long as we are led by He.


His and your other,


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