Love visited ME, today.

I am an encourager. Encouraging folk is what I do. It’s who I am. Always have been.

Have loved folk. All my life. Don’t ask me why. I had asked that a million times. Why I care so damned much for folks. For, in caring, yikes, caring can get a heart broken. Into a million pieces.

Yea, caring can get a sista or a brotha terribly hurt. Yet, caring is something is something I have always felt deeply and tried to do.

Sometimes, would fuss and pout whilst caring. Would fuss and pout, with God, asking why, o, why did He pick ME to give two hoots about a world that often gave two hoots about itself, let alone me.

ME! Who did I think that I was? That I could say words that would mean anything, to anyone? WHO, the world cares, that I, ME, Cassandra, cares? For that to be important, I would have to be important to them.

Ah! Important? Important!? Am I important/necessary/needed?

God would never answer that question. Just kept telling me to care. Just kept telling me to love folks and let them know they were loved. That HE LOVES THEM. That, Jesus loved them. Each and every soul. Saved and unsaved. Gay or Straight. Black or White. Just said to keep telling folks that I care about them. That He loves them.

He always stressed for me to put my heart out there. To love folks. Keep on loving them. No matter what. Just cuz He asked. And, I have tried to do that. For Him. For me, because I was born caring. Sure do love folks. Deeply. I love the person reading these words.

How can you love a complete stranger, you ask? You are NOT a stranger to God, to Jesus, and I hang out with them. They talk of their love for YOU, incessantly. They CHERISH you. They cherish YOU. Yes, if you can read these words, am talking to YOU!

All week I have been praying for folks, interceding for the world, crying out for God to love on them so every person would SEE, KNOW, FEEL, AND EXPERIENCE the awesome and exceedingly deep/wide love of GOD. We are loved, folk. We are!

*sigh*… I go again. See? Can’t help myself.

Anyway, I was praying for folk, today. Being thankful for this one and that one. Minding my own business when…..

KNOCK, KNOCK. Someone was knocking on my heart….hmm….I opened the door and asked if they were in need of care or a kind word.

Nope, this person said. They had thought of me and decided to let me know, today. Out of the blue.

WHAM! Filled MY heart, my personal heart, with love and care. For ME. Not to get a thing from me. Just let me know that I was seen, felt and heard.

O, my. O, MY!

I cried. I admit it. Sat there and cried. Love surely did feel good. A short while later, someone I care for deeply, texted me and said ‘I love you, sis’. Okay, wow.


I have been completely, undone, today, by Love. Love came for ME, today. Amazing. Awesome. Humbling.

I am loved, this day. Amazes me still thinking on that. That MY life matters, that MY life was worth the death of The King, that someone is out there willing to cry MY tears. That Jesus loves ME!

We are loved yall! We are…….*hugs self*….

Here I sit, completely naked and vulnerable. Completely SAFE IN THE ARMS OF LOVE AND GOD.

Life is short. Let Love in, yall. Open the door, when he/she knocks. Yea, YOU.

In case no one has let you know today:

I love you. So much. God loves you. So much. Jesus adores YOU. So much.

abiding in His Love and loving YOU still,


4 thoughts on “Love visited ME, today.

  1. Miss Cassandra~You have been my “personal ray of sunshine” virtually since the moment we “met” at work. Your “spark” reignited a smoldering ember inside me that I truly believed had burned out long ago. I have no idea why I took so long to tell you, but I am so thankful today was that day. Your writing is so very personal to you but you somehow find the words to convey the fundamental common thread that binds us all. Pain, anger, helplessness, but above all, faith. Please never lose your “spark”. People, much like myself, may not tell you, or say it often enough, but you are truly the inspiration that keeps many of us believing not only in ourselves, but humanity in general. I love you, my friend

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    1. 😍❤. Today was such an AWESOME day! So awesome to have one heart reach out for another and connect. You helped God touch my heart today. I am so full. Life is so short. I have been missing mom and human contact being shut in since March. No idea my heart was a bit lonesome til you knocked on her door. How awesome. Have been praying for days more folks might venture out to seek and give love. Keep letting life and God love you. Keep shining your light. Love WILL run out this present darkness our country find itself in. You humbled me, today.


  2. Your words are like a virtual hug.
    This world needs your positivity.
    Thank you for sharing your encouraging words with us.
    Love & appreciate you so much!! ❤️

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  3. ❤ praying this spark shall set ablaze and burn down every barrier between folk and love and God. Life is short. Love as much as you can, and hard as you can, for as long as you can…


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