How much is MY life worth?

How much is MY life worth, I asked of Life?

How much has my life meant, since my birth?

How much do my thoughts matter?

How much am I seen?

Who hears my heart struggles?

Who cares, or rather, who sees?

How much does my life matter?

How far will the thought of me travel and where do those thoughts go?

How much is my life worth?

Who would even know?

Your life is priceless, above measure, Life said to me.

For, your life was worth the death of The King.

King Jesus, His Name, died just for you.

Worth every nail that was pierced through.

Pierced through hands outstretched in love.

From Heaven, He came. To show your worth to all.

Your needs, to Him, have never been small.

Your tears, He gathers and guards as His own.

Your thoughts carried tenderly, to His Throne.

Your life greatly matters, Life said to me.

Not for what you do, but for who you are.

Not for what you give, have or may do.

More priceless, than rubies, than diamonds, by far.

How much is MY life worth? How much is YOUR life worth?

My life, your life was worth something above value or price. My life, your life, was worth the death of The King.

written by Cassandra Scott 12/2/20 11:40 am.

How MUCH is MY life worth?

Seems like so many folks are wondering that question. Yet, they are afraid to ask, for fear of the answer.

My heart grieves for the many souls, hiding behind capes, masks and smiles who have no earthly idea how priceless THEIR life is. God is heart broken knowing how many souls wander in search of SOMETHING. Something. Something!!

Their hearts crave the knowledge that it is loved.

YOU are loved! I want to shout this to the heavens so all may hear. You ARE loved!


Christmas is coming soon. The birthday of Jesus. The One, who gave up Heaven for you. Jesus gave up Heaven. For YOU!

To let you know that you are loved. YOU are. You ARE!!

Christmas is coming soon. It’s not an empty holiday meant for tidings and gift giving and bike riding. It’s Jesus Birthday. The day He arrived, upon the scene, to let the world know of it’s worth.

How much is My life worth? Priceless. As is yours.

As you go through this Christmas and holiday time beyond, remember these words: your very precious life was worth the death of The King. You are loved. This day and always. Your thoughts are ever on God’s mind. Your needs are ever before Him.

If you are in need of reassurance, stretch out your heart towards His. Seek Him in YOUR way, as you know how to get to Him. If you know Him not, invite Him to introduce Himself and let Him love you as you deserve to be loved.

I loathe the inadequacy of my words. All I can do is pray, and I do. I pray for each and every heart in need of love. I pray that you shall run into the love and arms of Jesus, who loves you, who sees you, who cares about your life. Baggage and all. Come as you are. Come with everything. Come with nothing. He just wants you to come. To enter into FELLOWSHIP and FRIENDSHIP with HIM.

You are loved. Never forget. You are loved. How much?? A nail-pierced hand reaches for yours…

Til each and every heart KNOWS and FEELS His Love I pray,


3 thoughts on “How much is MY life worth?

  1. I found this article beautiful. It touched me in a deep way. I can feel the caring of the author’s (yours) heart along with the heart of God. It is obvious to me how much both care about me.
    Thank you for taking time out of your life to minister to my heart. My heart needed to know that it was loved.


  2. This is amazing. Cleared my head of the daily clutter reading through this. I feel touched and cared for. This is just the sprinkle of positivity to add a spring in my step I needed


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