Give God the BEST of you, not the rest of you.

It’s so easy to rush through life. Doing this, giving that. Helping this one, rushing to be there for thr other one.

Work calls on us to give our all, at ALL times whether we have it all together or not.

Our family and friends demand we drop everything and give to their needs and fill them up, no matter that we are running on empty ourselves.

Life cries out for us to care: do this, care about that. Seek this. Try that. Guilt snaps at our heels if we don’t heed life’s EVERY call. EXHAUSTING.

We tumble, exhausted into bed and realize….yikes, we forgot to hang out with God. Yea, we made our demands, er prayer requests to Him, waiting, impatiently for Him to fulfill said request/whim.

We lay in bed, perhaps a bit guilty about not giving Him the first of the day or ANY of our day(s). Guilty, we may toss up a quick prayer and vow to do better…tomorrow.

I have learned, through loss, through frustration, through God’s silent ask, to give Him the BEST of me, of my days. Yes, even those days when I am tired and weary. I give Him the BEST that I have and ask Him to bless our time.

Life is short. GIVE God your BEST. Give life your BEST. Give your family and friends your BEST.

As you give the BEST of you, God WILL honor and bless the rest of you!

Keep going!

His servant and yours,


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