Not Hercules today, mom…

When my mom needed something moved, back in the day, she called me. One day she had me move the freezer. Man, that thing was heavy! There was no one else to help us. I didn’t want her to strain herself. I thrust out my chest, declared in a booming voice ‘move mom!’.

Huffed and puffed. Puffed and huffed and moved that freezer. You know the kind: the big white ones you could hide ten bodies in and still have room for all the meat.

When I was done, mom was sufficiently awed and nicknamed me ‘Hercules’ and then ‘Herc’ for short. After that, whenever she needed me to move something or wanted to tease me she would yell ‘come here, Hercules!’. Made her laugh. Made me laugh. She made me feel ten feet tall.

There is NOTHING like a mom’s approval. Nothing can replace a mom’s pride. When I played basketball, back in the day, and beat boys and grown men…yea yall Ms. C could ball back in the day!…she would brag that I could beat grown men.

Today….*sigh*….today was a rough day. Received some tough news. Really tough news. You know the kind of news, the kind that takes your breath away and knocks you off your feet. I wanted to cry about it. Had no time to cry. Had work to do. I REALLY wanted to cry about it. I reached for the phone to call mom and tell her what a rough day today was.

I had the phone in hand, was fixing to look up mom’s number. MOM!

Mom….*sigh*….realized I couldn’t pick up the phone and call her. She is no longer here. Mom, you aren’t here…..

Took two seconds to go from feeling like Hercules to a very small thing in such a huge world. I did the ONLY thing that would bring me comfort: I crawled up in Heaven’s lap and told mom all about it.

Miss you, mom. Not feeling like your Hercules, today. I shall try again, tomorrow.


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