Small adjustments…

My neck/back had been hurting. For days. Was getting to be quite a nuisance and a pain, forgive the pun. I adjusted my chair. Up. Down. Nothing. Drat it all….*pout*.

I switched back pillows. Nothing. Tossed pillow in a fit of rage…must admit enjoyed the throwing of the pillow ‘cross the room….nothing!!

I ate a few Ibuprofens and a muscle relaxer. Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Threw a tantrum or two or ten. Whined to God about my pitiful existence cuz of my hurting neck and don’t He give a hoot about my hurting neck??! How can I work with a hurting neck?

God allowed my pouting fest, my pillow tantrum and all my whinings. I imagine I began to be a pain, to HIM, when He tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of something…….aha!!

I remember that I had changed the height of my monitor. Such a small thing and something I had forgotten. At the time, I needed to change the height due to a project I had been working on. After said project was completed, I went back to working as normal. The thought never crossed my mind to put my monitor back to it’s original needed height. I had gotten ‘comfortable’, you see.

It’s easy to get comfortable, isn’t it? We grow comfortable with our job, a relationship, a situation that is clearly no longer working for us.

Us humans can be dummies in hanging onto old habits/friends/trends etc simply because of comfort. We KNOW that thing, that person, that situation. Yes, it has/had become a pain in the neck a long time ago. Yet, we hang on. Out of stubborness? Sometimes.

Mostly, though, I think we hang on out of comfort, of what we are ‘used to’. Lord knows why we give ourselves permission to stagnate because of ‘used to’. We get used to being ignored/disrespected/talked about/dismissed or all manner of things.

We get used to the same old, same old. Until…..


Until, God and life, pops us upside the head, causing a neck pain to make us sick and tired of being sick and tired and WE have to make the adjustments.

Speaking of adjustments: it took me all of ten seconds to correct my monitor and my neck pain was alleviated. Almost immediately. I had no idea how such a small thing could cause such a large strain.

When was the last time that you adjusted your ‘monitor’? Perhaps, it may be time for you to look at that situation, that relationship, that job and make a small adjustment. The adjustment may mean the end of the relationship. Or, it may mean adjusting to how you speak to one another, how you view the situation or person.

The moral of the story? It is up to US, you and me, to look at our lives and adjust the things that we can. We can’t forever be whining to God to fix things. Or demand that life change things. Oftentimes we have been given the needed directions or help a long time ago but chose to dismiss or ignore them cuz we got comfortable. Yes, we wanted changes. But, wanted someone or Someone or something to do the work for us.

God is NOT Santa. He is NOT our waiter, waiting to take all of our needs/wants and desires and give them to us immediately and pronto. God is Our Partner. He is Our Friend. He allows us to be a pain in the neck, to have a pain in the neck until we realize we on a partnership level. I do my part. He does His. BUT, HE is ultimately in Charge and gives the final go ahead and say so.

What if you don’t know God or don’t believe there is a God? Good questions. If you don’t know Him, ask Him to ‘holla back at a sista or brother’. Tell Him you have NO idea if Anyone is up there listening.

If you don’t BELIEVE in God? Well, we all believe in something. We rely on those beliefs to see us through. If you are currently believing only in yourself, well, you have the same mandate to make adjustments for yourself. Can’t be waiting on life or others to remove your ‘pain’.

We all need to STOP being a pain in the neck to one another. We have to continue to get some act right and stop whining and complaining about why come this and what about that. Am sure God really wants to tell us to shut up already!

A good friend gave me a nice boot to the rear, the other morning. Told me God was pleased with me for my efforts and this and that. Then submitted said boot to my hind end advising God was NOT pleased that at times I can carry on a bit on dreams that have been long unfulfilled. Said God says it’s okay to be disappointed and carry on a bit. But, God wants us to carry on and whine and throw pillows to HIM. He wants us to bring ALL of our fears and hopes and dreams and chop things up with Him.

The things we can ‘adjust’ He wants us to adjust. The things only HE can adjust, well, He wants us to know He loves us and is working on things. The trick is knowing that every answer will NOT be ‘yes’. We may hear: no, wait, yes, maybe, let me think about this and all manner of responses.

Until we get there, let’s continue to make those tiny adjustments that will lead us towards loving ourselves, first, then others. We got this, people. And, God has us all.

If life is being a pain, if YOU are being a pain, adjust what you can but keep on keeping on. NEVER allow ANY pain to keep you from being joyful, from being hopeful. Keep on loving YOU, no matter your stage in life. You are worth loving just because you are. It’s not what you do or have that makes you special. You special ‘just cuz’.

Remember you are: loved, seen and adored. By God. And me.

loving me and you still,


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