Time to give folk some anyway…*sigh*…

It sure is a good thing that God loves us no matter what we do. Folks sure have been up to some foolishness, have done and said some really dumb things the last few years.

We all have been tore up from the floor up, yall. We have. You hollering at me. Me mad at you for hollering at you. Me deciding to ‘holla back’ and that not in a good way. You bringing some of your friends to ‘holla back’ at me and not in a good way.

Time we ALL got some act right, don’t you think? We need to DO right towards one another. Got to start loving each other, yall, warts and all. God loves us. ALL of us. Yes, I am quite sure He is beyond fed up with our hard headedness. Am sure He is shaking His head as He holds back His hand and continues to give us His grace instead. Yall know grace can only be extended for so long. Then, Mom or Dad fixing to come in the room and get to laying into folk. Best us kids all get some act right ‘fore Dad has to come in, don’t you think?

How it must grieve God to have so many folks fighting then wrongly using His Word to defend themselves or their positions.

Time we start extending some Anyway to folk, and begin with ourselves. Yes, you need to be better to you, boo. You know you have messed up. You know you WILL mess up. Stop acting like you don’t need an occasional eraser in your life. Since when did it become wrong to admit we have messed up, get some act right, do right and then keep on pushing?

As for me and my house, I CHOOSE: Anyway, love, hope, peace, joy and plenty of ‘More Than’.

jammin’ still,


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