Replace your ‘Too’ and ‘less with ‘More Than’

The bible says that we are MORE THAN Conquerors through Him that loves us.

What does this mean, you ask? Great question. Ask The Author, for yo own self. ;). One hint, though. We are MORE THAN Conquerors because of many, many, many things. One being that we don’t have to worry about fighting our battles alone. God got our back yall! YASSSSSSSSSS!

God wants ALL to have love and to live it and have it more abundantly. He does not want you feeling less than anything. KNOWS you are a bad Mama Jama! For you young folk, being a bad Mama Jama means you got it going on like popcorn and THEN some. By the by, am currently jamming to ‘She’s a Bad Mama Jama’ as we speak. For, Ms. Cassandra be a bad Mama Jama up in this world.

Ah, yall, that’s how you replace your ‘Too’ and ‘less with ‘More Than’. All you gotsa do is to fill your heart, mind and soul with goodness. Give yourself some self love. Tell yourself the truth. That being, you a bad Mama Jama. There is only ONE you. You so bad, folks, God could only make one, step back and say ‘She a bad Mama Jama’ or ‘He a Bad Man! or ‘They got this’. YASSSSSSSSSS!!

It’s time to rejoice, yall. Life is short. Start ripping down those limiting lies and walls of ‘Too’ and ‘less. Get with them with ‘More Than’ who will dance all up in yo head, in your heart and in your life. ‘More Than’ hangs out with Jesus. Jesus and ‘More Than’ jams with folk ALL the time. Can you hear them? They call for you, this morning. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!…..*Casssandra does a shimmy and decidely bad spin*….*Jesus takes ‘More Than’ hand, dons some shades and saunters to Cassandra asking her to dance and remove some ‘Too’ and ‘less they see hanging around His Folk*…..

Come on, yall. Life is short. Don’t let one more day, no not even one, go by without removing ‘Too’ and ‘less from your heart, mind and spirit. Invite ‘More Than to move in with you. Take ‘More Than’ with you today. Through EVERY day. Bust down some wall, starting with your own.

‘More Than’ told me to tell you that you ARE ‘More Than:

MORE THAN capable.


MORE THAN enough.

MORE THAN…..hey! No cheating. Get ‘More Than’ going for y0urself. ‘More Than’ is waiting for you!

You got this. Why and how do I know? Why, cuz you be a bad Mama Jama! You are MORE THAN. Walk in that today. Breathe it in. Hug yourself…..*Cassandra hugs herself*…..

LOVE YOU today. Right now. Just as you are. And, love yourself more than enough to allow you to stay in a comfort zone. Tell ‘Too’ and ‘less to go on head and kick some rocks! Get to stepping ‘Too’! Get outta here ‘less! Yall don’t run this show. The Author and Finisher, of our faith runs this house.

jamming with you and for those who have not found the courage yet to do so,


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