YOU matter!

you matter quotes Great You Matter s and for

YOU matter. Your thought matter. Your dreams matter.

2020 has us questioning everything. Has us questioning our sanity and ourselves. Has us wondering if the nightmare will EVER end.

2020 may also have some questioning if THEY matter. There has been days when I have wondered what the point in writing to get folks to understand how hurtful 2020 and before has been for POC. I have grown weary of the fight of trying to educate, encourage other folk of color to hang in there. I have wondered if my words have mattered at all.

After it was announced that there would be no charges filed in the Breonna Taylor case I cried ALL NIGHT. I wanted not to care, wanted to do as before and to stay silent and hide my tears. My tears matter. As does yours.

Your life matters. Your thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams and on and on. I find that my heart won’t let me rest. I don’t want folks to live in a world where they feel they don’t matter. You do. Every last one of you matters. You matter to God. You matter to this world. This world won’t make it without YOU. Just because folk, out of fear, has labeled you worthless does not make it so.

Your life means so much. YOU make a difference in the world around you. Your family needs you. Your friends care for you. They would be there for you if you would only let folks see inside the real you. THE REAL YOU. Away with the mask! Life is just too damned short.

Your life has an affect. When you withdraw, life hurts. When you hold your heart apart from others it hurts them. They grieve. You have folks in your world, right now, who just want to show love and care for you. They are waiting for you to stop being afraid of being you.

You think that you have to have a bunch of money before folk will love you. Think you have to look a certain way or hang with a certain group or wear this or have that. You don’t. Beloved, you don’t.

You are enough, you hear me? You ARE!

Your life matters. Your life causes ripples that wind themselves among eternity.

If I could give the world only one thing I would give them the KNOWLEDGE that they are seen, heard and loved by God. By me. Let the world see you. It’s okay. It will be okay. Be afraid and reach out anyway. Let your life drops make a ripple that will turn into a wave that will turn into a sunami!

We all we got, peeps, but we all we need.

We got this….


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