Watch “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” on YouTube

I sent these words to folk I cared about. Have been praying for folk all day and listening to this song. Makes me sad knowing there are folk out there wondering, even now, if they are seen. If they are loved. They are.

I love you. Three words. Three seemingly small words that loom so large when they are not spoken.

I love you. Those are the words that Jesus spoke, on the Cross, to let us know how very much He loved us and gave His life in order for us to know love and freedom.

I love you. Fear keeps folks from hearing those words. From RECEIVING those words.

I love you. Anger/bitterness keeps folk from believing true love is meant from you.

I love you. Failure to trust keep folk from knowing those words are actually meant for them.

Beloved, I love you was meant for you. God SEES you. God LOVES you. And, best believe GOD CARES deeply for your life.

I love you. Your life matters to me. Why? Because He first loved me!

God loves us folk! God loves us warts and all. Wow. Amazing. He cra cra yall. He KNOWS all our hidden nastiness and foolishness and loves us still. Wow.😍

I love you. Just cuz. We all we got but we all we need.

CHOOSE Love. Choose to not allow fear, anger, past experiences from allowing you to experience love that is not mixed with fear and or self loathing. Let God love you. Ask Him to help you forgive YOU for past or present mistakes. Love wants to love you, warts and all. Let Love love you back.

We are NOT alone.

His servant and your friend,


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