Time to clean out the fridge and freezer.

Oftentimes, we ask life for things, beg God for things. We ask and fret, beg and fume, not realizing that we already have ot already beem given those things that we seek.

I needed groceries. Had a hankering for some oj, brats, and chicken breast. Wouldn’t you know it the oj and chicken and brats were out of stock

I figure okay and order some other thingss. Knowing I have had to cram things in the freezer and jam things in the fridge I figure I need to clean both to make room. I know. I know. I have been promising myself, cajoling myself and threatening myself to clean the fridge and freezer, Cassandra already!! You know what happened last time you waited to take out the garbage?!😡

Thinking of Percival the fly I tear over to the fridge and begin the massive clean up. After I came to after about five minutes, I cleared out oj, chocolate milk, darn it I had been wanting some chocolate milk!, found no less than 5 packages of brats!!?, AND a plump chicken breast!!!!

*SIGH*…hhhmm….*sigh *…oopps.🤔🤷‍♀️

Not only had I had plenty of what I had been wanting, I also was able to make room for fresh groceries. I had been wasting money buying things I already had, not able to buy things I wanted due to lack of space and smelling up what was left on top of that. Good yikes.

There are times that we blame life and God for some smelly things when the fault lies with our own laziness or lack of effort or belief.

Nowadays folks just don’t want to get their own act right. Folk want to be patted in the head and told they are fabulous all the time. Or, they want to point fingers at other folk fridge/freezer!

Time to clean out the fridge, folk, get some act right and acknowledge we didn’t move when life or God told us to. Or, we didn’t follow the instructions to the letter. We took a short cut, tried to use the thing without utilizing the needed instructions or just didn’t do…well, just cuz!

Time to look ourselves in the eye and get our act right and move on. No need in beating yourself up for all the food wasted and space you could have used.

Time to begin, again. It’s okay that you weren’t okay enough to clean the fridge. You are doing it now.

Look up and look ahead to the goodies that life and God can now deliver to and for you.

You got this. Keep going as will I. Be sure to let someone know they are loved. I love you, my blog fam. Love me back, wouldja?😎❤

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