Don’t be afraid to use your battery.

I FINALLY decided to come out of the flip phone age, purchased me a Samsung Galaxy s8…fabulous phone, by the by. Was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. I hesitated buying it as it’s one of those phones that does not have a battery you can take out and put in another. I debated about getting it, fretted about the life of the battery. Two years? Hmm…stared at it forever. Two years, huh?….hmmm……

Decided to take a chance and bought my Galaxy s8. Was love at first sight!! The photos it took was awesome. The movies crystal clear! Music sounded fantastic. I was in heaven. Until….

I got to thinking about the battery life. Started fretting about that and began to cut down my usage. HAD to save the battery. I found myself on it less. I stopped watching movies and listened to music sparingly. I made sure to put it in power saving mode which cut down on the apps I could use or their function….*sigh*….started missing my fave apps and just pecking around, hanging out with online friends and checking on fam I don’t get to see.

I HAD to save the battery, tho, to make sure I got my full two years worth of battery life. I started to get annoyed. I missed my love affair with my Galaxy s8!…*stamps foot angrily*…..

One day, I was laying bed, and got to thinking. What the world was the point in having a phone I enjoyed and afraid to enjoy it? Great question. Sadly, we do that with our lives, don’t we? We hold ourselves back from love, from trying new things, from using the things that we love.

Why, you may ask? We do so for fear of ‘running out’. We want to save what we have, to hoard it. We want to relive those good memories, over and over, instead of embarking on making new ones.

I got to thinking about that…..hmm…..darn it I want to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy!….*stamps foot angrily*…..hmm….

One day, I decided, to heck with this…..grabbed up my Galaxy s8, started up Season 8 of Grey’s….*hugs phone*…..*sigh*…..heaven!!!

I visited old friends, made some new ones. I blasted my music with my ear buds, sang lustily and semi badly….sorry neighbors…..hugged myself and rocked out enjoying my phone, enjoying my life. Who knows where I will be or where life may take me in the next two years?

Life is sooooooooooooooooooooooo very short. Don’t be afraid to live it, yall. Grab hold of life. Live it to the fullest. If you are missing that friend, call and make up with them. If you would like to live in that cool place, start researching and get after it. If you want a new job, pursue it.

Time to live! Time to do YOU. Fear not, dear heart. This life is waiting for you to live it. Yes, there are hard times. There will be some sad ones. Don’t let fear of sad or hard days keep you from living in the NOWNESS of life. Life can be so hard and seem cruel. But, o, peeps, life surely is worth living!!….*Cassandra gives herself a big hug*…..delish.

Use up that battery. You can always get a new phone. Don’t let that phone sit, waiting for you. Life is waiting for YOU. You have been praying for this, hoping for that. Get on up, keep on praying and live. We got this yall.

We all we got, but we all we need. This POC love all my brothers and sisters of every race, creed, political party. Love me back.

Take care and stay safe,


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