God knows your playlists

I have/had been using Google Play Music for years. Loved it. So, imagine my immense displeasure that Google Play Music would be discontinuing. It was integrating to YouTube Music Prime. What? What?!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!…*stamps foot*…..*considers tossing around a few things then decides against as not wanting to clean up a mess*…..*angry pout/snort*….*sigh*…

I thought longingly of all of my fave playlists. Good yikes I would lose my playlists!!….*gasp*…..

Okay, I admit it. Threw a music tantrum for a few days. I did not bother reading about the benefits of switching over to YouTube Music Prime. Who cared about that! I was used to what I was used to!…..*stamps foot*…..

Pouted a few more days then wandered over to the new details about transferring my playlists over to YouTube Music Prime….hmm…only took a few minutes to transfer. The app easy to use….hhmm….wow, you can watch videos and create playlists.

I found out something amazing. The app takes note of the songs you like and create some recommended playlists. Wow, gave some recommendations on some oldies but goodies as well as many new artists I had never heard of.

I found myself listening more and more to the recommended playlists. This thing knows me. This thing KNOWS! Yasssssss!

This got me to thinking about God. Here lately, He has been pointing me to things I have absolutely adored, had NO idea existed. Things that have expanded my mind, has made life easier and more enjoyable. How good is that? How great is HE!?

God KNOWS. He knows the things you like. He knows when you hurt. He knows when you are up, late at night, fretting about this or that. Oftentimes, He has ALREADY made the way, long before you came to Him, in prayer. He loves you. He LOVES you. And, when a Parent, loves a child, they look out for him/her. They think on them, constantly, wanting to keep them from harm. They prepare the way. They fight for them, behind the scenes. They smooth out situations the child had no idea was coming or had happened.

God loves us the same way. He looks out for us. He leaves hints along our path. He allows us to live and grow and learn. He offers us relationship but does not demand it. He allows us to dismiss Him or love Him back. He waits, patiently, for us to choose fellowship with Him. Man wants folks to be afraid of God. They want to see Him as this big judge-mental and unseeing/unknowing thing that forever chastises us. He is not like that. He loves us. Loves us the way we are. Yet, loves us enough not to let us stay in hurtful/harmful places.

God wants us to try new things. He made them for us to enjoy. He also wants us to know that He knows us. Knows what we need. All we need to do is download Him into our hearts and minds and be OPEN to new things, new folks, new experiences.

Folks who supposedly love God have acted such a fool, here lately, they have turned folk away from even wanting to get to know God. I invite you to reach out and say ‘Hey, God, what’s up with You? If you up there, holla at a sista/brotha, wouldja please?’

The bible says that you WILL find God if you seek for Him with your whole heart. So many folks have opinions about this or that. Folk want to make an enemy out of anyone who disagrees. Don’t waste your time on all that. Try Him and see. Try some new things. Try listening to someone else’s playlist. Be open to new folks, new environments. You learn so much when you get out of your own way and your comfort zone. A comfort zone can turn into a casket or prison. Get outta there!

jamming with you,


Be at peace, this day. Fear not, you are NOT alone. You are loved. By God and prayed for by me. We got this. We all we got, but we all we need.

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