What if getting back to normal was really as easy as just getting back to normal?

Corona virus has a whole world turned upside down. Nothing seems normal. Nothing feels normal. Work doesn’t feel normal. Being stuck inside doesn’t feel normal. Not being able go out to dinner with friends or see a movie doesn’t feel normal.

When the world turns on it’s head normally we all gather together to comfort one another and we can’t do that and that just isn’t normal. I have been listening to different factions and groups talking about how we all can get back to normal and no one can agree. Sadly that seems normal…*sigh*.

I was laying in bed and day dreaming how wonderful it would be to go back to a normal day of waking up and drinking coffee and enjoying the silence and wonder of the day and wishing things could go back to normal. I longed for that quiet cup of coffee. Thought back, fondly, of all the previous early mornings of coffee, quietness and hopelessness.

Thought of those things, this morning, as I arose, made coffee and enjoyed the quietness and wonders of this wonderful world/day. Ah! There is NOTHING like a quiet morning of hot coffee and warm thoughts. Drinking my coffee, I find myself hopeful, again. Joyful, again.

The world is still out there doing it’s things. Folks are still hollering at one another about…who knows what. Everyone mad about something and has been for years. All the world is raging, yet, here I sit, joyful, hopeful enjoying coffee and enjoying the freedom of living in a country that affords me the opportunity to rage, if I want to, to be at peace, if I want to, to get back to normal, if I want to.

Normal can be had at ANY moment. It just requires us to make the effort. Get up, make that coffee. Go in that jog. Call and make up with that friend. Make up your own mind of how to live your life. Get back to normal.

What is normal? Ah! Now THAT is a good question for another day. Normal is different for everyone. Do your normal, today. Lets talk about should we even want to return to OUR particular normal on another day.

Life is good, even when it’s hard. Love someone today. Love YOU today. Life is short. We all we got but we all we need. I love you, my bros and sis. Folks don’t hear that they are loved enough. Am making sure to tell as many folks as I can. I love you. Someone love me back, would you please and thanks? ❤

2 thoughts on “What if getting back to normal was really as easy as just getting back to normal?

  1. Telling someone that I love them is so far outside of my *normal* that it seems impossible for me to say with any assurance. I’m glad I read this post. Through the pandemic, I think the most normal thing I’ve done is get up a drink coffee. That part of my day hasn’t changed at all. Something funny is that I’m being far more social right now than I have been for the past 10 years. By coaching a youth team, I’m in proximity to other adults and kids three times a week. I’m actually getting used to being around people. I’m probably the only person in the world having this experience right now.


    1. I love you, Jeff. I love your posts. I enjoy reading them. Never sure if you are going to creep me out talking about bugs or have me humming my fave oldie but goodie. I love how you love your woman. Love how you share your social anxiety to the point I am right there sweating with you. I used to have a hard time saying ‘I love you ‘ out loud. Loving makes us vulnerable. Folks are afraid to be vulnerable. Be vulnerable is deliciously terrifying! Take the leap with me. Pass on soms love, wouldja? I can’t reach them all. You can reach those in your circle. You will be amazed how great it feels to love just cuz.❤😍


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